Terms and connditions of Re-employed Pensioners

Pensions Ombudsman Anthony Arter

Pensions –Terms and conditions of Re-employed Pensioners – orders –Issued.

G.O.Ms. No.48 Dated: 23.04.2018

1. G.O. Ms. No. 145, Finance & Planning (FW- PSC) Department, dated 16.10.2000.
2. G.O.Ms.No. 89, Finance (HR.I) Department, dated. 16.07.2015.


     Government have reviewed the orders issued in the G.Os read above regarding fixation of pay of Re-employed pensioners and after thorough consideration hereby order the following terms and conditions of reemployment in suppression of all orders issued earlier in this regard:

I. Pay:- The re-employed pensioners shall draw last pay drawn minus pension as pay. For this purpose

 ( i ) LAST PAY drawn means the actual pay drawn before his retirement on which his original pension was sanctioned.

(ii) PENSION means, the gross monthly pension. Where pension has been commuted partly or fully pension means the gross pension payable prior to commutation.

II. Allowances: The re-employed pensioner shall be permitted to draw Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance and City compensatory Allowance on the pay fixed as indicated at (I) above.

III. Permission to draw pension: During the period of re-employment the re-employed pensioner shall be permitted to draw any pension sanctioned and to retain any other form of retirement benefits in addition to remuneration fixed in the manner indicated at (I) above.

IV. Non drawal of Dearness Relief on pension: The re-employed pensioners are not eligible for dearness relief on pension during period of re-employment and the  pension disbursing officers should obtain a certificate of non-re-employment from the pensioners along with the Life Certificate to be submitted between October and April
every year.

V. In case of Pay Revision during currency of Re-employment: The pensioners who are on re-employment as on the date are eligible for re-fixation of their pay and pension whenever there is a pay revision and the pay on re-employment shall be regulated accordingly. To be more specific, the pay on such revision of pay scales shall be
Revised pay minus consolidated pension.

VI. Term/Duration of Re-employment: The term of re-employment shall be normally for one year extendable on the same and terms conditions subject to mutual consent.

VII. Entitlement of leave: During the period of re-employment the re-employed are eligible for the casual leave, optional leave and earned leave along with leave encashment as in the case of regular Government employees.

VIII. Tour TA: The re-employed are eligible for TA - DA on tours as applicable to the posts to which they are reemployed in case they are appointed against a sanctioned post.

IX. Other facilities: The re-employed shall be eligible for vehicle, phone and other facilities as applicable to the post to which they are re-employed in case they are appointed against a vacant post.

2. These orders shall apply to all Government pensioners who are re-employed or appointed after retirement hereafter. The existing re-employed pensioners may continue on the existing terms of re-employment. On expiry of present term they may be continued on reemployment in terms of these orders.

3. These orders are applicable to those pensioners who are re-employed against sanctioned posts. These orders may also be extended to those pensioners who are re-appointed without
sanctioned posts such as in case of officers on special Duty/Consultants etc., duly defining the terms and conditions relating to facilities such as tour TA,Vehicle etc., that are to be provided for effective discharge of duties.


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