Election to the Office of President of India

Public Notice issued by Returning Officer for Election to the Office of President of India
Whereas a notification under sub-section (1of section 4 of the Presidential and Vice-Presidential Elections Act, 1952, for the holding of an election to fill the Office of President of India has been issued by the Election Commission, the Returning Officer for such election, Secretary General, Lok Sabha has issued the notice that

(i)        nomination papers may be delivered by a candidate or any one of his proposers or seconders to the undersigned at his office in Room No18, Ground Floor, Parliament House, New Delhi, or if he is unavoidably absent, to the Assistant Returning Officers, Shri Ravindra Garimella, Joint Secretary or Shri Vinay Kumar Mohan, Director, Lok Sabha Secretariat, at the said office between 11 A.Mand 3 P.Mon any day (other than a public holidaynot later than the 28th June, 2017;
(ii)      each nomination paper shall be accompanied by a certified copy of the entry relating to the candidate in the electoral roll for the Parliamentary constituency in which the candidate is registered as an elector;
(iii)    every candidate shall deposit or cause to be deposited a sum of rupees fifteen thousand onlyThis amount may be deposited in cash with the Returning Officer at the time of presentation of the nomination paper or deposited earlier in the Reserve Bank of India or in a Government Treasury and in the latter case a receipt showing that the said deposit of the sum has been so made is required to be enclosed with the nomination paper;
(iv)    forms of nomination papers may be obtained from the above said office at the times aforesaid;
(v)      the nomination papers, other than those rejected under sub-section (4of section 5B of the Act, will be taken up for scrutiny at the said office in Room No18, Ground Floor, Parliament House, New Delhi on 29th June, 2017, at 11 A.M.;
(vi)    the notice of withdrawal of candidatures may be delivered by a candidate, or any one of his proposers or seconders who has been authorized in this behalf in writing by the candidate, to the undersigned at the place specified in paragraph (iabove before three o'clock in the afternoon of 1st July, 2017;
(vii)      In the event of the election being contested, the poll will be taken on 17th July, 2017 between the hours of 10 A.Mand 5 P.Mat the places of polling fixed under the rules.

Date: 14th June, 2017

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