Facts at A Glance – Uttar Pradesh

Facts at A Glance – Uttar Pradesh

5th Phase of Polling-27.2.2017
Timings of Poll-7AM TO 5PM

SlNo. Item        52(Number of Assembly Constituencies going on poll)
1 Total Electors
    Male    9791140
    Female    8379745
    Third    Gender    941
    Total    18171826

2 Total number of candidates    607
3 Total numbers of female candidates    40
4 No.& Name of the assembly constituency
with maximum number of candidates     186-Amethi(24)
5 No.&Name of the assembly constituency
with minimum number of candidates    303-Kapilvastu(06)
6 Assembly constituency where more than
one women candidate            11
7 Party -wise list of candidates
    AITMC    0       
    BSP    51
    BJP    50
    CPI    07
    CPI(M)    02
    INC    14
    NCP    02
    RLD    31
    SP    43
    INDEPENDENT        218

8 Number of EVMs to be used in the Election    BU-22376,CU-21084

9 Largest assembly constituency area wise     NA
10 Largest assembly constituency Electoratewise    312-Mehendawal
11 Smallest assembly constituency Electoratewise 278-Tanda
12 Number and name of assembly constituencies
where there is straight contest Nil    Nil
13 Total No. of Polling Station        18822

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