Clinical Specialists In-Sourcing Policy by providing the Clinical Specialists in the Government hospitals

Health, Medical & Family Welfare – Clinical Specialists In-Sourcing Policy
by providing the Clinical Specialists in the Government hospitals – Orders

G.O.Rt.No.353 Dated:04-08-2016
* * *
Though material gains are few, the greatest reward is the
satisfaction that comes to those who give of themselves to the betterment
of others. Providing specialist health service is a great way to serve the
community and also learn new skills. Government of Andhra Pradesh
offers the unique opportunity to medical specialists to serve the
community by sharing their valuable skills in public health facilities on a
part-time/short-term basis.
2. Government after careful examination hereby accord permission to
the “Clinical Specialists In-Sourcing Policy” enabling the willing Clinical
Specialists to volunteer their valuable skills in public health facilities on a
part-time/short-time basis.
3. The in-sourcing of specialists shall be under two categories as
a. Rendering free service:
This constitutes pool of specialists that seek to serve on
part-time/sort-term basis without any expectations of remuneration
on any travel allowance to work in Andhra Pradesh. While, this is
highly desirable, it shall be within the ambit of guidelines/issued by
Government. of India and Department of Health, Government of
Andhra Pradesh as well as statutory requirements on medical
practice by Medical Council of India.
b. Rendering paid service:
Interested applicants fulfilling the eligibility criteria of insourcing
program could opt for a paid service opportunity on parttime/
short-term basis. The extent of availability of such opportunity
shall depend on facility case load, availability of supporting staff,
infrastructure and other factors. While payment would be in form of
honorarium, the extent of payment shall remain capped to the
specialist fee as in case of NTR-Vaidhya Seva Program for the
given procedure. The package amount of procedure received by
the hospitals shall be bifurcated into HR costs and other costs. The
HR costs shall further be bifurcated into specialists fee and other
staff fee as per NTR-Vaidya Seva norms. The specialist fee in such
cases shall not exceed 50% of total HR costs and 25% of total
package cost.
:: 2 ::
The functions and modalities is as follows:-
1. Resident specialists of Andhra Pradesh seeking to serve in Andhra
Pradesh Government Facilities:
For specialists in this group, Directorate of Medical Education shall
be the coordinator. In the month of September and March every year, the
Director of Medical Education shall collect specialists' requirements from
all departments/institutions and declare a roaster of 'temporary specialists'
requirement'. Based on this roaster, the specialists could opt for suitable
places and dates. While effort would be made to make this as online
booking on first come and first serve basis, Health Department shall not
be obligated to offer any specialist a place of choice once the slots are full.
All specialists seeking to apply shall need to meet eligibility as per MCI
2. Residents of India (other than state of Andhra Pradesh) seeking to
serve in Andhra Pradesh:
The state of Andhra Pradesh having deep cultural history, it is a
known fact that Telugu speaking population are present in each and every
state of the country. Specialists of Telugu/non-Telugu origin residing in
other states may choose to serve in Andhra Pradesh on part-time/shortterm
basis. To facilitate this, Government of Andhra Pradesh, shall sign an
MoU with Voluntary Health Association of India (VHAI) who will coordinate
the duty roaster after taking the 'requirement calendar' from Directorate of
Medical Education.
3. Non-Resident Indians/Global Citizens/Residents of non-Indian
origin/Citizens of any other country which is a United Nation Member
Several Indian, non-Indians and global citizens (persons holding
dual citizenships) could opt for serving in the state of Andhra Pradesh. To
facilitate this, and considering the fact that such engagements would
require to comply with statutory requirements of more than one country,
Government of Andhra Pradesh shall engage with Indian Associations of
respective countries to enable smooth implementation of specialist
in-sourcing policy. The associations therefore could write to Directorate of
Medical Education for an MoU, support government on formulation of duty
roaster and coordination of roaster implementation. In such cases,
associations shall he required to ensure MCI compatibility clearance for
medical practice in India for the concerned specialists. Appropriate work
visa for visiting specialists and travel insurance. While complete
documentation shall be the responsibility of the associations, this would be
verified in advance (not later than quarterly basis) for all prospective
visitors by the Directorate of Medical Education.
Operational arrangements of the above policy is as follows:
"Specialist Services Cell"
The Health Medical & Family Welfare shall establish a Specialist
Services cell under the Directorate of Medical Education to provide
administrative support for specialists to serve in government teaching
hospitals, district hospitals and public health facilities empanelled under
the NTR-Vaidya Seva. The objective of in-sourcing of specialist human
resource is to supplement and strengthen the hospital specialty services
but not to replace the personnel. The Specialist service Cell shall work
:: 3 ::
under the administrative framework of Directorate of Medical Education
under the Department of Health Medical & Family Welfare.
Clinical requirement identification (Clinical needs assessment by mapping
the institutions):
The requirement of various specialists in Govt. medical colleges,
district hospitals, FR-Vaidya Seva empanelled public health facilities shall
be collected and collated by Directorate of Medical Education twice every
year (September and March) and placed online on the website of DME.
For online booking by specialists, they would require to be first
empanelled by one of the three modalities detailed earlier (residents of
AP: residents of other states in India: residents of other countries).
Relevant documents shall be furnished in advance for due verification by
the "Specialist Services Cell" which provides an applicant id. Only when
the applicant id is made available, online booking could be done.
Eligibility Conditions:
Minimum Age:30 years; Maximum age limit 70 yrs with fitness
certificate Minimum basic qualification: A post graduate degree/ super
specialty degree (MD/MS/DM/MCh/DNB) from a medical university
recognized by MCI (for application educated in/or living in India) with
current validity of practicing license; A post graduate degree/ Board
examination in the specialty at abroad duly compatible with /recognized by
MCI. The equivalence certificate issued by MCI should be valid for the
entire duration of short term engagement in Andhra Pradesh.
Minimum basic experience:
The applicant specialist must have a minimum of five years of postqualification
experience in the specialty applied for and the relevant
certificate to that effect shall be submitted.
Number of Hours Required:
Specialists must commit to a minimum of 4 hours of service per
week is required. However, the amount of hours may be subject to change
depending upon the needs of the department and the Specialist
(depending on the 3 modalities mentioned above) and with approval of the
facility in-charge.
Processing Required:
Prospective Specialists must complete a Specialist application form
which contains the names and telephone numbers of 2 professional
references (non-relatives).
Health Related Documentation:
Specialists considering serving patient care areas and those
coming from other countries must furnish fitness certificate.
Orientation and Training:
After completion of the interviews and paperwork have been
completed, the prospective Specialist must call the Specialist Services
Cell to reserve a seat for the mandatory orientation. Orientation topics
include a general overview of the program, infection control policies,
:: 4 ::
environmental safety, liability, age-specific competencies, patient
confidentiality, professional ethics, state /departmental/ hospital policies
and respect for local culture and traditional practices. Specialists must
complete a re-orientation programme and be evaluated annually to
maintain an active status. The re- orientation is sent by mail.
Absences from planned duty roaster:
Specialists are expected to meet their commitments to their
scheduled service hours. Facility in-charge must be notified of any
absence in advance or as soon as possible. The Specialist Services Cell
should be notified of any prolonged absence. After 3 consecutive spells of
unexcused absence without notification, the Specialist Services Cell
reserves the right to terminate the affiliation of a Specialist, in the interest
of smooth operations. All Specialists must sign —in and —out when
reporting for service.
4. The performance and outcome of this policy be evaluated and
analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively facility-wise and uploaded in the
Director of Medical Education website.
5. The Director of Medical Education, A.P., Hyderabad shall take
necessary action accordingly.


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