Relocation of offices and employees from Hyderabad

Relocation of offices and employees from Hyderabad - Further general guidelines -

G.O.Ms.No.134 Dated.13.06.2016
Circular Memo No. 53023/6/GPM&AR/2016-9, G.A.(GPM&AR) Dept.,
dated 24/05/2016
O R D E R:
Consequent on the decision of the Government to relocate offices and
employees out of Hyderabad from 27th June, 2016 to the new Capital region and in
and around Vijayawada and Guntur cities, it is felt necessary to issue further general
guidelines on issues pertaining to employees, office accommodation and logistics of
relocation etc.
1. Office accommodation:
Clear instructions have already been issued in Circular Memo No.
53023/6/GPM&AR/2016-9, dated 24/05/2016 regarding relocation of Heads of the
Department offices and other institutions before 27th June, 2016. Special Chief
Secretary, Transport, Roads & Buildings Department shall evolve a suitable
procedure in consultation with Finance Department to avoid every file on rent fixation
being sent to the Finance Department and issue orders. Finalisation of rent upto
Rs.20/ sq ft is delegated to the HoD of the Department taking the building on rent.
Finalisation of rent between Rs.20/ sq. ft upto Rs. 30/ sqft, in exceptional cases, is
delegated to a committee comprising Spl. Chief Secretary to Govt., R&B
Department, Expenditure Secretary, Finance Department and the HoD concerned.
Strict instructions are issued to all concerned, including Government Institutions
other than departments, not to agree for rents above Rs 30/ sqft. Rent per Sq. ft
proposed should include rent for the parking area and area meant for parking should
be excluded from the area for which rent is calculated.
Special Chief Secretary, Transport, Roads & Buildings Department shall also
open a cell to coordinate and help securing of office space by HoDs as well as
fixation of rent of private buildings. This cell shall also make use of the information on
office space collected by the District Collectors Krishna and Guntur.
Special Chief Secretary, G.A.(GPM&AR) Dept., and the Principal Secretary,
I&I Department shall coordinate allotment of office space including making it
available as soon it is ready in respect of all the Secretariat Departments. The
Special Chief Secretary (GPM&AR) shall open a cell for this purpose and closely
monitor the activity of the cell.
Secretaries to the Government and the HoDs are requested to note that they
should retain possession of the Government buildings under their occupation at
Hyderabad By making suitable arrangements.
2. Budget requirements:
Funds will be required for packing, unpacking, transportation etc. purchase of
furniture (in exceptional cases). Secretaries to the Government shall send requests
for additional budget allocation (including the requirements of HoDs), to the Finance
Department. Special Chief Secretary, Finance Department, shall issue orders
providing the money as additionality and also give a general one-time permission for
A.C. Bill for miscellaneous expenditure. Rates of all items of expenditure should be
jointly finalised by the Secretary to Govt., and Head of Department duly following the
Finance Department shall issue detailed guidelines to the Secretaries to the
Government and HoDs for use by their respective DDOs regarding location of
treasury/ PAO offices, treasury bank branches and procedures on presentation of
bills etc., after relocation.
3. IT Infrastructure etc.,:
Secretary, IT Department should issue guidelines on IT infrastructure, e-file
system, scanning of files etc., so that Secretaries to the Government and HoDs can
take appropriate action. IT Department may coordinate and provide centrally useful
information available on services and facilities relating to relocation to the
Secretaries to the Government, HoDs, and employees.
4. Shifting of Central Record Branch, Secretariat Library and Libraries of
Law Department and Planning Departments:
Shifting of these establishments needs detailed planning and execution.
Coordination with the Government of Telangana may also be necessary. Therefore a
committee comprising of the following officers is constituted to plan, coordinate, and
oversee shifting.
Principal Secretary (political), GAD - Convenor and Chairman ,
Law Secretary- Member,
E.O. Secretary, Planning Department- Member,
D.G., Fire Services Department - Member,
Transport Commissioner- Member,
ENC, R&B Department - Member.
5. Transportation of furniture, files etc.,:
Transport Department should fix up rates for transportation from Hyderabad to
Vijayawada/Guntur as is generally done at the time of elections and issue orders.
Home Department shall nominate a senior officer as nodal officer to
coordinate the requirements for security for transportation etc., wherever necessary.
Details of the nodal officer shall be informed to all the Secretaries to the Government
and HoDs. Similar arrangement may be made for requirements of fire safety. These
services may be used not as a matter of routine but only where they are really
Files which are due for destruction as on 31/03/2016, as per provisions of
Secretariat Office Manual/District Office Manual, should be destroyed with the
approval of the competent authority. Care must be taken to see that unserviceable
items of furniture etc are not transported as part of relocation.
6. Roadmap of relocation:
Secretaries to the Government and HoDs should prepare a clear roadmap for
relocation. All the details of the plan of relocation should be shared with their
employees so that they can in turn plan in advance on items like where they are
going locate their residences or admit their children in educational institutions etc.
Roadmap for relocation should, to the extent possible, be prepared with the full
participation of the employees concerned. Movement plan should be communicated
to all employees. Secretaries to Government should take note of details of genuine
cases of employees who have extreme personal hardship and bring to the notice of
the Chief Secretary. This list should include employees of HoDs as well.
Special Chief Secretary, Finance Department has issued O.O.No.12 Dated
03/06/2016 setting up transition committee and sub-committees for relocation. A
copy of the same is enclosed for guidance of Departments.
7. Issues pertaining to employees:
i) Relocation of employees out of Hyderabad is though technically not a
transfer shall for the purposes of financial entitlements, including
sanction of advance, be treated as transfer. Finance Department shall
issue orders to this effect.
ii) It is clarified that the ‘5 day week' applies to only those employees who
relocate out of Hyderabad to the new Capital region and in and around
Vijayawada and Guntur cities.
iii) Departments of School Education and Higher Education shall open
cells to help employees who are seeking admission in educational
institutions for their children in and around Vijayawada and Guntur
iv) District Collectors Krishna and Guntur shall open a cell each to advice
and help employees in securing residential accommodation, including
working men's hostel-type of arrangement.
v) Joint Collectors, Krishna and Guntur shall open a cell to take care of
the issues pertaining to women employees including help relating to
working women's hostel, security, transportation etc.
vi) Transport Department may open a cell to coordinate the requirements
of employees for special bus services from the places of their residence
to offices and back and for issue of concessional bus passes.
vii) Medical and Health Department shall issue orders giving details of the
arrangements made for medical attendance of employees and their
dependents etc., after relocation.
viii) GAD Services Department may issue guidelines on issue of local
candidate certificates in respect of employees and their family
members who are relocating in terms of amendments to Presidential
order issued by the Government of India.
8. General:
a) All the Secretaries to the Government and HoDs are requested to note
that they are responsible for proper planning and smooth relocation of
the offices and employees under their control. They should therefore
take personal interest and provide leadership in the process of
b) All the officers who are instructed above to set up a cell should
personally ensure that a responsible officer is kept in charge of the cell
and the name, designation and mobile number of the officer in charge
is informed to all the Secretaries and HoDs, including G.A.(GPM&AR)
c) G.A.(GPM&AR) Department should collect, consolidate and make
available a directory of all the cells opened and nodal officers
appointed, including publishing on the website. The Department should
also evolve a proforma and collect information on relocation from all
d) The Secretaries to the Government and the District Collectors
concerned should monitor and review the work of the cells constituted
by them on a daily basis till relocation is completed. They shall take
care that dislocation to the functioning of the offices on account of
relocation is brought down to the bare minimum.
e) Secretaries to the Government and HoDs shall arrange to send a
communication to all concerned, including offices of Government of
India, regarding change of address for communication, telephone/fax
numbers etc., sufficiently in advance and make suitable arrangements
for transit period.
f) G.A.(Political) Department may take necessary action to fulfil general
formalities, if any, pertaining to relocation of Secretariat and offices of
9. Empowered committee:
A committee comprising of the following officers is constituted to monitor and
ensure that the relocation takes place smoothly. The committee is empowered to
take suitable decisions and invite any officer/ representatives of employee
associations to the committee meetings.
Chief Secretary- Chairman
Special Chief Secretary, Finance Department- Member
Special Chief Secretary, T R&B Department- Member
Spl. Chief Secretary, G.A.(GPM&AR) Dept. - Member/convenor
E.O. Principal Secretary (SR), GAD will provide requisite support to the
Special Chief Secretary, G.A.(GPM&AR) Department.
10. Facilitation Centre:
Sri L. Premachandra Reddy, IAS. (Retd.), E.O. Prl. Secretary to Govt. (SR)
will head the facilitation centre. Secretaries to Govt., Heads of Department and
employees and their associations may contact him for any clarification or guidance.
All the Departments of Secretariat.
All the Heads of Departments.
Copy to:
The Prl. Secretary to Governor of A.P., Raj Bhavan, Hyderabad.
The Prl. Secretary to Chief Minister .
All Private Secretaries to Ministers.
The P.S. to Chairman, A.P. Legislative Council, A.P., Hyderabad.
The P.S. to Speaker, A.P. Legislative Assembly, A.P., Hyderabad.
The PS to Chief Secretary to Government.
The PS to Spl. Chief Secretary to Government (GPM&AR)
The PS to E.O. Prl. Secretary to Govt., G.A.(SR) Dept.
The Prl. Secretary, A.P.P.S.C., Hyderabad.
All Collectors & District Magistrates of A.P.
The Director of Treasuries & Accounts, A.P., Hyderabad.
The Pay and Accounts Officer, A.P., Hyderabad.
The Accountant General, A.P., Hyderabad.
The Registrar of A.P. High Court, Hyderabad.
The Registrar, A.P. Administrative Tribunal, Hyderabad.
The Advocate General, A.P., Hyderabad.

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