Allocation of subjects among the Special Chief Secretary / Secretaries / Special Secretary to Government in Finance Department


FINANCE DEPARTMENT - Allocation of subjects among the Special Chief Secretary / Secretaries / Special Secretary to Government in Finance Department - Orders - Issued.

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GO Rt.No.1293                                                       Dated:15 -06-2016,
                                                                               Read the following:-

1. G.O.Rt.No.852, General Administration (Spl.A) Department, dt.01.03.2014.
2. G.O.Rt.No.220, General Administration (Spl.A) Department dt.24.01.2015.
3. From Special Chief Secretary to Government, Finance Dept., Letter No.41/SCS/2016, Dt.08-06-2016.



In supersession of all earlier orders and under Rule 7(c) of Andhra Pradesh Government Business Rules, the following allocation of subjects among the Special Chief Secretary / Secretaries / Special Secretary to Government in Finance Department is ordered with immediate effect.
1.       Sri Ajeya Kallam, Special Chief Secretary, Finance
A.    Overall coordination, guidance and supervision
B.    Policy matters having impact on the State’s economy and implications for the State’s finances
C.   Matters involving relaxation of Rules, requiring the approval of the Council of Ministers, Legislative Matters.
D.   Overall supervision of matters relating to Expenditure Management, Debt and Ways & Means Management
E.    All matters not allotted to any other Secretary of the Finance Department
F.    All files relating to the areas of responsibility of Special Chief Secretary will be routed through the Secretary / Special Secretary concerned. If any other above officers are on official duty outside Hyderabad, urgent matters relating to their portfolio will be attended to by the Link Officer.
2.       Sri M. Ravichandra, Finance Secretary (Expenditure)
A.    Expenditure Divison of Works Projects
i.             Infrastructure & investment
ii.            Environment, Forests, Science & Technology
iii.           Municipal Administration & Urban Development
iv.           Panchayat Raj & RWS and Rural Development
v.            Water Resources
vi.           Transport, Roads & Buildings
B.   Public Private Partnerships Division
i.             PPPs, especially of Energy, Infrastructure and CRDA
C.   Expenditure Division
i.             General Services
a)    Food & Civil Supplies
b)   General Administration
c)    Home Department
d)    Home (Courts)
e)    Law Department
f)     Labour, Employment, Training & Factories
g)    Legislature
h)    Planning
ii.            Economic Services
a)   Agriculture, Cooperation & Horticulture
b)   Animal Husbandry & Fisheries
c)    Energy
d)    Industries & Commerce
e)    Information Technology

D.   Establishment Division
a)    Directorate of Treasuries and Accounts
b)    Pay & Accounts Office
c)    Directorate of Works Accounts

3.   Smt. K. Sunitha, IAS., Finance Secretary (Budget & Institutional Finance)

A.      Budget Management Division
B.      Cash Management & Debt Management Division
C.     Institutional Finance Division
i.      NABARD
ii.     Banks Coordination and State Level Bankers Committee
D.     Sub-Plan Division
i.      Sub-Plan Management
ii.     Expenditure management of Welfare Departments
iii.    Expenditure management of Education Departments
E.      Establishment Division
i. Directorate of Insurance
F.      Resource Mobilisation Division
i.      Plan Assistance - State Plan, CASP
ii.     DBT, PMJDY
iii.    Fiscal Planning and Monitoring
iv.   Revenue Departments

G.     Centre State Fiscal Relations Division
i.      Central Finance Commission
ii.     State Finance Commission
H.     External Development Assistance and International Cooperation
4.      Ms. Hema Munivenkatappa, Special Secretary, Finance
A.        Operations Management Division
i.      Finance Secretariat Establishment
ii.     Audit and Accounts / C & AG
iii.    Legislative Affairs
iv.   A.P. Reorganisation Act

B.        Human Resource Division
i.       Creation, Upgradation and Abolition of permanent or temporary posts of all varieties, including daily wage employees, NMRs and Contingency Workers, Outsourced and Contract Staff.
ii.      Employees Welfare Fund
iii.     Fundamental Rules, Pensions, Treasury Rules and
iv.     Implementation of Act 2 of 1994
v.      Pay Revision Commission, Pay Fixations ( PC -I & PC –II)
vi.     Staff Review Committee
vii.   TA & Special Pays, Loans and Advances
viii.  Vehicles Management
C.       E-Nidhi Division / IT Services / E-Office
D.       Social Services
a)    Women and Child Development
b)    Health, Medical & Family Welfare
c)    Tourism, Youth Affairs, Sports, Culture
d)    Housing
E.        Establishment Division
i.     Directorate of State Audit



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