Strenthen Ministry from within with Performing Work Culture: Dr.Najma Heptulla

Strenthen Ministry from within with Performing Work Culture: Dr.Najma Heptulla

Accountability,Responsibility,Transparency are Keys to Good Governance: Dr.Najma Heptulla

Dr. Najma Heptulla, the Union Minister for Minority Affairs has said that performance saturated with accountability, responsibility and transparency is the key to transformation. The Minister was addressing the officers below the Deputy Secretary level and staff members of her Ministry here today on vision and strategy of the Prime Minister on Good Governance. Sharing the views of the PM and Sardar Patel on good governance, Dr. Najma Heptulla said entire administrative machinery be geared up to serve the needs of society with positive outlook and perfection. Advising to strengthen the Ministry from within with performing work culture, She also shared her expectations as a Minister regarding her Ministries obligations towards people. She said that working in coordination with unity of purpose, the Ministry be transformed into an alert, open , competitive and customer friendly entity.

Emphasising the need to modernise the working of every department through technology and innovation for enhanced productivity, the Minister insisted on readily adopting new ways as E-governance, easy governance and mobile governance are three crucial aspects of good governance. The other aspects that the Minister advised to adopt and adapt included quick delivery of services and and socio economic integration.

The Minister asked her staff and officers to come up with innovative ideas to perform faster and better. She desired to audit performance once in every six months.

All officers and staff members attended the meeting. 

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