Steps taken by Commission to curb pre and post violence in West Bengal

Subject: Steps taken by Commission to curb pre and post violence in West Bengal-reg.
Voting for 5th and 6th Phase of polling spread over 78 Assembly Constituencies in West Bengal is scheduled to be held on 30th April and 5th May respectively..

Election Commission has again directed the District Magistrates, S.P. / C.P. and the leadership of CAPF/State police especially to keep a strict watch on the law and order situation in their charge and ensure that even the last member of the weaker sections feels confident enough to come out of his dwelling and go to polling booth to vote freely. The Commission also directed that the culprits causing intimidation, creating fear or causing harm to citizens must be brought to book on top priority unhesitatingly.

Prohibitory orders under section 144 of Cr.PC would be promulgated on poll day and enforced strictly to ensure that any unlawful assembly etc is effectively curbed. All matters pertaining to law and order are being pursued with the Chief Secretary and the Director General of Police, West Bengal and the Commission has directed to take time-bound follow-up action on FIR lodged in these cases and legal action be taken.

The Commission has further directed to take strict action on all cases of post-poll violence.

Commission will not hesitate to respond to violence of any sort, anywhere and anytime and take appropriate legal action irrespective of their political affiliation.

The Commission strongly reiterates that entire Election Machinery including police authorities shall curb violence at all cost and ensure free, fair and peaceful elections in all the polling stations and areas falling under Assembly Constituencies in upcoming phases. In this regard, the Commission has ordered the following:

1. Night patrolling by CPF QRT for quick reaction in the night.

2. No. of Nakas have been increased significantly to effectively seal the inter district and international borders. The Commission has issued strict directions for stringent action against outsiders and bikers. Movement of bikers be checked intensively and extensively and appropriate action will be taken against violators.

3. BSF has been further directed to step up surveillance at the international border in last 48 hours.

4. To check access of anti-social elements through riverine route, adequate deployment of riverine police with search lights and effective communication system has been pressed into action.

5. The Commission in consultation with District Election Authorities/ Police Authorities / Observers and other stake holders, has identified anti-social elements and these elements are under strict watch of police authorities and will not be allowed to intimidate voters / polling agents. Harshest legal action will be taken.

6. All the clubs where likelihood of outsiders assembling and intimidating the voters are identified and they have been brought under strict vigilance including vigil during night time.

7. Activities of anti-social elements who are in jail either under trials or serving imprisonment are under strict watch and will not be allowed access to outside anti-social elements and carry out nefarious activities.

Election Commission of India
New Delhi : 28th April,2016  

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