PM visits L&T workers' residential complex in Riyadh

PM visits L&T workers' residential complex in Riyadh

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today visited the L&T workers' residential complex in Riyadh. L&T is part of a consortium that is building a section of the Riyadh Metro.

Speaking on the occasion, the Prime Minister appreciated the efforts made by the workers for the project, and said “your hard work has brought me here.”

He said that the work being done by Indian workers abroad, not only earns money, but also raises the stature of India. He said Indian workers were fondly remembered in various parts of the world where they had completed many prestigious projects. He said that in future, the Riyadh Metro too would similarly evoke memories about Indian workers who had contributed to its construction.

The Prime Minister said he often gets to know about Indians working abroad through letters he receives from their relatives. He added that he shares both their joys and their sorrows, through these letters. "I feel I am a part of your family," he said.

The Prime Minister mentioned the "e-migrate" initiative of the Union Government, which would facilitate people who wished to work abroad. He said more "worker resource centres" would be opened, and the MADAD portal was a way to immediately reach the Union Government. The Prime Minister said that India has the capacity to give the world the manpower it requires.

The gathering of over a thousand workers, cheered enthusiastically on many occasions as the Prime Minister spoke. The Prime Minister later mingled with the assembled workers, and shared snacks with them. 


PM meets PM of Japan on the sidelines of NSS (April 01, 2016)

PM Modi and PM Abe met on the sidelines of NSS 2016. In line with the Special Strategic and Global Partnership with Japan, discussions were held in a very cordial atmosphere. PM Abe thanked PM Modi for the excellent hospitality during his bilateral visit to India in December 2015. He described his visit to Varanasi as unforgettable.

PM Abe acknowledged that under PM Modi's leadership, the Indian economy was now serving as the engine of global growth.

The two leaders reviewed the decisions taken during PM Abe's visit and expressed satisfaction at the strong pace of implementation. PM Abe conveyed that a survey Mission will be coming from Japan in May to take forward the Convention Centre project in Varanasi. They also discussed measures to promote further trade and investment.

PM thanked PM Abe for Japan's strong participation in the International Fleet Review.

The two leaders also discussed the continuing threat of terrorism and the need for the International community to eschew selective approaches. They also reviewed global and regional issues.
PM Abe said that he was greatly looking forward to PM Modi's bilateral visit to Japan later this year.


PM meets Canadian, UK PMs on the sidelines of NSS on April 01, 2016

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today (April 01, 2016) met the Prime Minister of Canada, Mr. Justin Trudeau, on the sidelines of the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington DC.

The Prime Minister said new energy and dynamism has been imparted to relations between the two countries, since Mr. Trudeau assumed office. He spoke of immense possibilities for further expanding the relationship in the economic sphere. He recalled his meeting with the heads of Canadian pension funds during his visit to Canada last year, and observed that some of these funds are now Investing in India.

The Canadian Prime Minister congratulated Prime Minister Modi for his intervention during the NSS dinner yesterday, and said Canada and India can be leaders in efforts towards non-proliferation.

Prime Minister Modi also spoke of India's thrust towards renewable energy. He mentioned smart cities, urban infrastructure and skill development as areas where Canada could further deepen its engagement with India. He also mentioned India's progressive policy in the hydrocarbon sector, and sought Canadian cooperation in the areas of coal gasification and underground mining of coal.

Prime Minister Trudeau accepted Prime Minister Modi's invitation to visit India.
Prime Minister Modi met the Prime Minister of United Kingdom, Mr. David Cameron. Both leaders recalled Shri Narendra Modi's visit to the UK last year, and Prime Minister Modi said that ties between the two countries had become richer and deeper. Defence cooperation came up for discussion and Prime Minister Modi mentioned that the UK could be a partner in the Make in India initiative, especially in the defence sector. Visa issues also came up for discussion.  

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