Engaging the activities of Administrative, Technical & Monitoring Support under TSP through Consultancy Service Providers

Tribal Welfare Department – Tribal Sub Plan – Strengthening of Nodal Agency
for TSP – Engaging the activities of Administrative, Technical & Monitoring
Support under TSP through Consultancy Service Providers – Administrative
Sanction Orders – issued.

G.O.MS.No. 47 Dated: 16-04-2016

Read the following:
1. Act No.1 of 2013, dated:24.1.2013
2. G.O.Ms.No.7, Planning (XXII) Department, dated 23.2.2013
3. G.O.Ms.No.10, Planning (XXII) Department, dated 23.2.2013
4. Nodal Agency for TSP resolution No.6/13 in its meeting held on 25.2.2013.
5. Minutes of the 1st meeting of the State Council for Development of SCs
and STs, dated 26.2.2013
6. Note No.324/Plg.XXII/12, dated 28.2.2013 of Principal Secretary
to Government, Planning Department, GoAP, Hyderabad.
7. G.O.Ms.No.34, Planning (XXII) Department, dated 1.11.2013
8. G.O.Ms.No.6, Planning (XXII) Department, dated 21.2.2014
9. G.O.Ms.No.89, Finance(HR.I) Department, Dt:16.07.2015.
10. Government Memo No.2941/TW.Bud/2015, dated 25.11.2015.
Proposals furnished by the DTW, vide Lr.No.L/2316/2014, dt.23.12.2015.


           In the reference 1st read above, the Government of Andhra Pradesh has
enacted “The Andhra Pradesh Scheduled Castes Sub-Plan and Tribal Sub Plan
(Planning, Allocation and Utilization of Financial Resources) Act. 2013” (Act
No.1 of 2013).

2. The Act aims for accelerated development of Scheduled Castes (SCs) and
Scheduled Tribes (STs) with emphasis on achieving equality in the next (10)
years focusing on economic, educational and human development along with
ensuring security, social dignity and promoting equity among Scheduled Castes
and Scheduled Tribes, by earmarking a portion, in proportion to the population
of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, of the total plan outlay of the State
of Andhra Pradesh as the outlay of the Scheduled Castes Sub-Plan (SCSP) / Tribal
Sub Plan (TSP) of the State.

3. The Act envisages that schemes included in TSP should secure direct and
quantifiable benefits to ST individual or ST households or ST habitations and
should bridge the gaps in development indicators between STs, when compared
to main stream development.

4. In exercise of the powers conferred by Sections 18 to 20 of the Act, the
Government of Andhra Pradesh constituted the Nodal Agency for Tribal Sub
Plan (TSP) under the Chairmanship of Hon’ble Minister for Tribal Welfare and
Principal Secretary, Tribal Welfare as Member-Convener vide reference 2nd read

5. The Act also envisages under Section 18.2 that the Tribal Welfare
Department shall act as Nodal Department for assisting the Nodal Agency to
perform its functions and exercise its powers.

6. As per Section 19 of the Act, the Nodal Agency for TSP with the
assistance of the Nodal Department shall take up:

• Appraisal of the schemes submitted by the departments;
• Preparation and recommendation of Tribal Sub Plan;
• Reallocation of budget allotted from departments;
• Review and Monitoring the allocation, expenditure and
• Indentify impediments and suggest measures for overcoming them;
• Co-ordination with the departments in preparation of State Level
and District level Sub Plans;
• Maintenance of scheme wise, district wise, village wise and
beneficiary wise details through the Nodal Department;
• Set up web portal for tracking the progress of the implementation,
expenditure, output and out come indicators;
• Facilitating annual social auditing of expenditure;
• Facilitating analysis of improvement in Human Development index
against the projections for the State and District;
• Preparation of Annual Report on out come of implementation of
Tribal Sub Plan containing department wise achievements and the
un utilized funds during the financial year under report;
• Placing the Annual Report before the State Legislature;
• Preparation of report on TSP to the extent of scheduled areas which
shall form part of the report regarding the administration of
Scheduled Areas to be submitted to Governor in consultation with
AP Tribes Advisory Council;
• Carry out studies and gap analysis for identifying priority areas of
investment under the TSP; and
• Assisting in Planning and Monitoring the activities under TSP.

7. As per the provisions envisages at Section (20) of the Act that the
“Government shall appropriately strengthen the Nodal Department i.e., Tribal
Welfare Department with an Administrative and Technical Support Unit to
assist the Nodal Agency for TSP to perform the above said functions.”

8. Further, the Cabinet Sub Committee, which was appointed to study the
impediments in implementation of TSP in the State, noticed that one of the
important problem in implementation of Sub Plans in the last 37 years is the
“lack of proper institutional frame work” for planning and monitoring of the
Sub Plans.

9. Having appreciated the importance of the above impediment, in the Act
1 of 2013, three sections are incorporated for strengthening of the institutional
mechanism for implementation of Tribal Sub Plan.

10. In the reference 4th read above the Nodal Agency for TSP in its first
meeting held on 25.2.2013 resolved (Resolution No.6/13) that Tribal Welfare /
Nodal Department shall take immediate steps for strengthening the TSP wing of
Department both at Secretariat and Commissionerate and also for creation of
GIS and MIS cells and also to set up a TSP Research Centre.

11. The State Council for the Development of Scheduled Castes and
Scheduled Tribes, which was constituted under the provisions (Section 16) of
the Act, vide reference 3rd read above, in its meeting held on 26.2.2013
resolved that the “Nodal Agency for TSP should immediately set up the
Administrative and Technical Support Unit at Nodal Department” vide
reference 5th read above, in which the Principal Secretary to Government is a
member and attended the meeting.

12. Further, the Principal Secretary to Government, Planning Department,
GoAP, Hyderabad, vide reference 6th read above, informed that during the
meeting held with Hon’ble Chief Minister, Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister and
Chief Secretary to Government, have “stressed upon immediate establishment
of the Administrative and Technical Support Unit (ATSU) and Sub Plan
Research Centre for TSP in the Tribal Welfare Department”.

13. In exercise of the powers conferred by Section 22 (1 and2) of the Act
No.1 of 2013, the Government already constituted “District Monitoring
Committee for TSP” under the Chairmanship of District Collector to perform
the functions relating to Tribal Sub Plan at district level vide references 7th and
8th read above.

14. As such District offices i.e., Project Officers for ITDA districts and District
Tribal Welfare Officers in Non ITDA districts are functioning with highly meagre
staff and it would be extremely difficult to monitor the implementation of TSP
programs effectively in the line with spirit of the Act at district level unless they
are strengthened with adequate staff. To support the District Monitoring
Committee under the Chairmanship of District Collector certain skeleton staff is
needed at district level also.

15. During the departmental review meeting held by the Hon’ble Chief
Minister at Vijayawada on 14.8.2015, it is agreed in principal to hire
professional services on contract basis. However, the tasks or services shall be
hired but not individuals”.

16. In this regard, a comprehensive proposal for engaging the activities of
Administrative, Technical & Monitoring support under TSP through consultancy
service providers is furnished by the Director of Tribal Welfare vide reference
10th cited above.

17. In view of the above, the Government after careful examination of the
proposals received from the Director of Tribal Welfare and also keeping in view
of the resolutions of the Nodal Agency for TSP and the State Council for the
Development of SCs and STs, administrative sanction is hereby accorded to
engage the activities of administrative, technical and monitoring support under
TSP through Consultancy Service Providers by calling Expression Of Interest (EOI)
from the Agencies/ Organizations and Institutions having expertise and
experience in related activities along with financial implications duly following
the guidelines issued for procurement and Contracting the services of
Consultancy in the reference 9th read above for discharging the tasks proposed
by the Nodal Department.

18. A Committee is here with constituted with the following members for
selection of consultancy service provider for engaging activities of
Administrative, Technical and Monitoring support in implementation of Tribal
Sub plan

1. Principal Secretary to Government, Tribal Welfare -- Chairman
2. Director / Commissioner, Tribal Welfare -- Member Convenor
3. Rep. of Special Chief Secretary to Government, Planning -- Member
4. Secretary to Government, Finance -- Member
5. Director, TCR and TI -- Member
6. Director, CESS -- Member

19. The activities shall be taken up through Consultancy Service Providers
since there is a need for professional services and specialized domain expertise
in the areas of (i) scrutiny of proposals furnished by line departments (ii)
analyzing the critical gaps, impediments and focus areas after due analysis with
reference to database (iii) identifying thrust areas, concerns of stakeholders and
(iv) to assist in determining the policy matters.

20. The selected Consultancy Service Providers shall render necessary
administrative, technical and monitoring advice to the Nodal Agency for TSP at
the State level by setting up of a “TSP Control Centre”. The advice shall be two

a) Formulation, scrutiny and evaluation of the department wise plans,

b) Monitoring the progress, quality of implementation with transparency

21. The Consultancy Service Provider shall look after various Administrative,
Planning, Technical and Monitoring functions as enclosed at Annexures I & II.

22. The selected Consultancy Service Provider shall provide the necessary
services initially for a period of (1) year and further continuation purely depends
on the performance review of the consultancy service provider against the

23. The Expenditure towards engaging consultancy service providers for
these activities shall be debited to the following Head of Account.
2225 Welfare of SCs, STs and OBCs

02 Welfare of STs
001 Direction and administration
11 Normal state plan
06 Administrative support for implementation of TSP
310 Grants-in-aid
312 Other Grants in Aid

24. The Director of Tribal Welfare shall take further necessary action.


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