Revised Pensionary benefits under OROP released to over Two Lakh Defence Pensioners

Revised Pensionary benefits under OROP released to over Two Lakh Defence Pensioners 

The Defence Pension Disbursing Offices (DPDOs) functioning under Controller General of Defence Accounts (CGDA) in the Ministry of Defence have released revised pensionary benefits to 2,21,224 Defence pensioners drawing service/disability pension. The amount along with first instalment of arrears had been released and credited by the Defence Ministry to the accounts of these pensioners on 01.03.2016. 

In the case of remaining 1,46,335 family pensioners drawing pension from DPDOs, payment along with arrears is expected to be released by March end. Banks are under process of revision work. 

These steps are a follow-up to Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare (ESW) of the Ministry of Defence’s notification on 07.11.2015 ordering implementation of One Rank One Pension (OROP) scheme for Defence pensioners. 

The total additional annual financial increase for grant of One Rank One Pension (OROP) is Rs. 7488.70 crores. The total amount on account of arrears to be paid for the period 1.7.2014 to 31.12.2015 is Rs. 10925.11 crores. 

Out of total annual liability of Rs. 7488.70 crores, PBOR family pensioners shall get Rs. 6,405.59 crores, which works out to 85.5% of total expenditure of OROP. 

Due to increase in defence pension budget, the additional liability for current financial year 2015-16 shall be Rs. 4,721.34 crores which will increase the current defence pension liability of Rs. 60,238 crores to Rs. 64,959.34 crores for the year 2015-16. 

Detailed implementation orders of OROP with 101 tables containing revised pensions of different ranks and categories were issued by the Department of ESW on 03.02.2016 through their website According to the orders, the Pension Disbursing Agencies have been authorized to make payments with arrears as scheduled. 

To facilitate the pension disbursing agencies, the Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (P) have also issued implementation instructions through a circular on 04.02.2016. The implementation instructions along with Government orders are available on the website 


INDO- Indonesia Joint Training Exercise Garuda Shakti IV 
Continues at Magelang, Indonesia 

The fourth edition of the Indo-Indonesia Joint Training Exercise GARUDA SHAKTI, scheduled from 10 to 23 March 2016 is under progress at Magelang, Indonesia. The Indian contingent comprises of platoon sized troops of an Infantry Battalion from Southern Command theatre and the Indonesian Army comprises of troops from 503 Airborne Battalion of the TNI -AD. 

The exercise is underway with adequate stress being laid on weapon handling and live firing practices. The Indian Army contingent was given time to familiarise themselves with the Indonesian Army’s weapon system before commencing firing practice using their Weapons. On 13 Mar, the Indonesian Army conducted a firing Skills demonstration explaining the mechanics of reflex firing which was followed by practice by Indian Army contingent of the same. 

On 14 Mar Indian Army contingent presented a similar demonstration of reflex firing skills including ambidextrous weapon handling in combat situations. The demonstration was conducted in phases and was followed by firing practice by Indonesian Army under guidance of instructors from Indian Army. 

The aim of the exercise is to build and promote positive relations between both the armies and to enhance their ability to undertake joint tactical level operations in a Counter Insurgency environment under United Nations Charter. The scope of exercise also includes identifying areas of expertise/ specialization of each other, evolution of combat tactical drills for conduct of tactical Counter Insurgency operations and to undertake combined training for neutralization of insurgency threat. 

The Indian Army contingent had arrived at Jakarta airport on 09 Mar. The Opening Ceremony was conducted on 11 Mar at Military Training Area, Magelang, Indonesia. In an impressive Military function, witnessed by senior ranked officers of both the countries, the contingents conducted a ceremonial parade where the National flags of both nations were marched in. The Commandant wished both the contingents a fruitful and effective exercise ahead and encouraged both sides to understand and absorb the positive aspects of each other's military training and tactics. He stated that this exercise would serve as a platform for both countries to pave the way for better co-operation and stronger mutual relations in the future. The exercise will culminate on 23 Mar 16. 


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