General Dalbir Singh presides over the Valedictory Function at College of Defence Management, Secunderabad

General Dalbir Singh presides over the Valedictory Function at College of Defence Management, Secunderabad 

General Dalbir Singh, Chief of the Army Staff presided over the Valedictory Function of the Higher Defence Management Course (HDMC) at the College of Defence Management (CDM), Secunderabad & delivered the valedictory address on Wednesday. The COAS also presented the participant officers with the degree of Master in Management Studies (MMS) by Osmania University and a certificate of Advanced Course in Management by the All India Management Association. 

While addressing the Defence services officers of the three services, the COAS highlighted that the national security environment has become particularly challenging due to its complexity & unpredictability. He expressed his confidence that the training during the course would serve the participant officers well and enable them to take timely and positive action oriented decisions in their position as senior military leaders. To achieve this, he considered it essential that in one's area of operations, one must keep abreast of the developments of related issues, partake in decision making along with others and indeed, must work in close coordination with all other organs of the state involved in the management of national security by facilitation and complementing each other's efforts. 

The COAS appreciated the endeavours of the CDM towards optimizing the resources by harnessing management techniques for speedy decision making. He applauded the institution for having evolved as a Centre of Excellence & a premier tri-Services institution and stated that the College has made significant strides in aligning and integrating management philosophy with operational planning. He highlighted the need to harness all the management philosophies and techniques at our disposal. 

The HDMC course had commenced on 25 May 15 with 150 selected participants of the rank of Colonel and equivalents from the three Services. Besides this, the course was also attended by participants from friendly foreign countries, viz. Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nigeria, Mauritius & Sri Lanka. 


Indo- Indonesia Joint Training Exercise Garuda Shakti IV/2016 Concludes 

The Indo - Indonesia Joint Training Exercise GARUDA SHAKTI IV/ 2016 concluded today. The fourteen day exercise was conducted at the Military Training Area, Magelang, Indonesia with the aim to build and promote positive relations between the armies of India and Indonesia. The exercise contributed towards enhancing the ability of both the armies to undertake joint tactical level operations in Counter Insurgency environment under the United Nations Charter. The Indian contingent comprised of platoon sized troops of an Infantry Battalion under Southern Command theatre and the Indonesian Army comprised of 503 Airborne Battalion of the TNI -AD. 

The joint exercise commenced with an opening ceremony on 11 March 2016 and was presided over by senior officers of the Indian and Indonesian Army. Post the ceremony the Indian Army troops were oriented to the terrain and tactical aspects of training. Training comprised of tactical drills wherein the troops of both armies trained jointly sharing each other's experience in Counter Insurgency operations. The cross training phase was meshed with games and sports to enhance interaction and develop camaraderie. The training culminated in a three day joint training exercise and lessons drawn were consolidated for incorporation in the next edition. The exercise finally concluded with the closing ceremony wherein outstanding performers were awarded and cultural programmes showcasing the rich culture and heritage of both the countries were displayed. 

The conduct of the joint training exercise ensured greater cooperation and coordination in the employability of a joint platoon group of Indian and Indonesian Army for Counter Insurgency operations in an International environment. The exercise is also a milestone in ensuring the cordial relations between the two great nations in Asia. 


Procurement of launch services and realization of ground segment for GSAT-11 spacecraft 

The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has given its approval for the procurement of launch services and realization of ground segment for GSAT-11 spacecraft at a cost of Rs. 1117 crore. 

GSAT-11 will be ready for launch by the end of 2016. Considering the 5600 Kg lift-off mass, the satellite will be launched using procured launch vehicle outside the country. The ground segment is being realized to address the rural communication requirements. This will enable early deployment of GSAT-11 so as to augment Ku-band capacity which can be utilized for various services like VSATS, broadband etc. The ground segment of GSAT-11 will enable the utilisation of a small portion of the bandwidth for societal services apart from providing in orbit testing support. It will also provide a high throughput capacity of about 10 Gbps to render broadband connectivity especially in rural areas. 


GSAT-11, a communication satellite with 32 high-power spot beams for providing high bandwidth VSAT communication is currently under development at DOS/ISRO facilities. 

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