Shri Manoj Sinha, Minister of State for Railways addresses the Valedictory Session at the Seminar

The two day National Technical Seminar & Technical Exhibition organized by the Institution of Permanent Way Engineers (India) (IPWE) concludes in New Delhi today

Shri Manoj Sinha, Minister of State for Railways addresses the Valedictory Session at the Seminar
The two days National Technical Seminar & Technical Exhibition organized by the Institution of Permanent Way Engineers (India) (IPWE) concluded today. The topics for deliberation during the Seminar were as under :
 1.  Design Construction & Maintenance of Station Yards,
2.  Accelerated construction of New Lines/Doubling Project
3. Fast Track Construction of ROBs/RUBs.

Shri Manoj Kumar Sinha Minister of State for Railways was the Chief Guest at the Valedictory Function.  Member Engineering Railway Board Shri V.K. Gupta, R. K. Agarwal, Principal Chief Engineer, Northern Railway and Secretary, IPWE were also be present on the occasion.
            Speaking on the occasion Minister of State for Railways Shri Manoj Sinha said that Indian Railways are the largest Railway System in the world under a single management. Next to the Defence Forces, Railways have the largest strength of man power in the Government sector. Out of about 13 lakh of staff on roll on Indian Railways, about 2.75 lakh are from Engineering department who are responsible for construction, maintenance and upkeep of fixed assets like track, bridges etc on the Railway. Indian Railways cover entire length and breadth of country meeting the transport needs of country. To meet the challenges, the system is trying to keep abreast with the largest technological developments in the world but there are areas where we need to improve. The increase in speeds of trains and operation of higher axle loads on existing network in safe and efficient manner are major challenges before P-way Engineers.
          Shri Manoj Sinha further said that proper inspection and maintenance of track including station yards are very important as many derailments happen in station yards. The capacity constraint on Indian Railways has to be overcome, if Railway wants to meet the ever growing traffic demands. Construction of New lines, Doubling/ 3rd line Projects are planned to enhance the capacity. Till recently Projects were starving for funds. But with roping in Finance Institutions like LIC, Railways have overcome the problems of raising finances to a considerable extent. However, there is a pressing need to accelerate the progress of works by adopting innovative methods to realize benefits on investments.
          Shri Sinha pointed out that unmanned level crossing are a safety hazard on the Railway System. Railways keep getting unending demands for provision of ROBs/RUBs from MPs, MLAs and public. There is definitely a felt need to replace Level Crossings with ROBs/RUBs. The Minister said that there are already 1399 nos. ROBs and about 7500 non RUBs works sanctioned on the Railway. Taking up and completing these works though challenging, should be a priority area for the Railways.
          The Minister hoped that fruitful discussion have taken place and appropriate solution would be arrived at. He complimented the Institution of Permanent Way Engineers (India) for providing technical platform for thought and knowledge sharing by P. Way engineers. The outcome of this seminar will go a long way in improving efficiency of Indian Railways to meet the organization goal, he also advised that efforts should also be made to get system rid off unscrupulous contractors as and when noticed.
          Speaking on the occasion Member Engineering Shri V.K. Gupta said that  Towards the goal for fast tracking the construction of New Lines and Doubling Project ROB/RUBs s railways have already adopted certain system in improvement which are praiseworthy. The undue procedural delays which do not add value have been curtailed.  As a result of measures already taken, this is perhaps the first time that tenders for 37 projects out of 77 sanctioned during current year could be invited and for some of them the contracts have been awarded within 9 to 10 months of their inclusion in the Budget to further reduce the time.   In the current year, we are poised to exceed even higher target of construction of 2500 KM of New Lines/doubling and gauge conversion.
Considering the urbanization all around the country is increasing fast and thus need for rail over and under bridge cannot be over-emphasized.  However, there are severe fund constraint for that and so we have to economize the design and adopt innovative methods of construction. We have kept ambitious target to construct about 1000 RUB/ROBs every year.
Railways yards are very critical to efficient railway operation. The yard remodelling works are real challenges. Every yard is a unique structure in itself and pose a unique problem in fixing the layout. The main responsibility for design proper layout rest with the Engineers and we have to fulfil this requirement effectively and economically.
This seminar adopted several recommendations.

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