Minister for Science & Technology Dr. Harsh Vardhan on Roads Even to Rural Areas.

Minister for Science & Technology and Earth Science, Dr. Harsh Vardhan Called Upon Central Road Research Institute (CSIR-CRRI) to Reach Their Researches on Roads Even to Rural Areas. 

The Union Minister for Science, Technology and Earth Science,   Dr. Harsh Vardhan called upon scientists and researchers of Central Road Research Institute (CSIR-CRRI) to reach their researches to rural areas. He visited this Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) Laboratory in New Delhi today. He keenly enquired about technologies being developed in various laboratories which included Pavement Engineering Area, Flexible Pavement, Rigid Pavements, Geo Technical Engineering, Bridge Engineering and Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning Area. The Minister interacted with the Director, of CSIR - CRRI Satish Chandra and other scientists and staff. He asked them to examine ways to quickly transfer the semi automatic pothole repair machine and the associated technology, developed in the institute to all the panchayats of the country.

The Minister said that according to reports now about 18 kms of road is being constructed per day now, at a pace of 14 kms per day achieved during previous NDA government and only about 2 kms per day in some recent years. Under these circumstances, we in research institutions should support such efforts to identify any gaps and transfer the required technologies to the land.

The Minister urged the scientists and technologists to promote their research outputs in terms of use of innovative technologies in road construction, measures for achieving savings in depleting aggregates through the use of waste materials in road construction and measures for enhancing road safety on Indian roads. He felt the promotion of these technologies will go a long way in achieving the target of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government of constructing highways at  a rapid pace in the country.

During the visit the Minister showed keen interest in the activities of CSIR - CRRI particularly the new technologies / specialized services developed by the institute. Some of them include the following:

Ø                  Soil Nailing Technique for Quicker and Safer Construction of Subways/ Underpass
Ø                  Patch Fill-Pothole Repair Solution for Bituminous Roads
Ø                  Vehicle Mounted Automatic controlled Mobile Bridge Inspection Device (MBIU)
Ø                  Utilization of Waste Plastic Bags for modification of Bitumen
Ø                  Process for preparation of Harder Grade Bitumen (VG40 & VG50) for formation of Asphalt Surfacing for Roads and Airfields
Ø                  Asphalt Performance Tester
Ø                  Use of Indigenous Driving Simulator in RTOs of India and
Ø                  Use of Road Safety Auditing Tools
Recalling the many laurels earned by CSIR-CRRI over the past 50 years, Dr Harsh Vardhan particularly lauded the pioneering contributions made by CSIR - CRRI through two of its major studies titled, “Urban Road Traffic and Air Pollution in Major Metropolitan Cities of India” (2002) and “Updation of Road User Cost” (2001). The former study acted as the backbone for the formulation of the Auto Fuel Policy of the government in 2002 and the latter study is of immense use in carrying out economic viability of highway projects undertaken in the country. He felt such type of projects should be emulated by CSIR - CRRI time and again.

He emphasized that they should not be satisfied with past achievements but constantly try to think of out-of-the-box solutions to root out corruption in the road construction also. Their goal should be to pursue new research areas which could meet the needs of the country.
“The Prime Minister has given a call for make in India. We need to generate millions of jobs within a couple of years because this country has a youth bulge. Seamless partnership will help develop products and technologies for the benefit of the common man” he pointed out.

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