CLAWS Seminar "Sub Conventional Conflicts : Emerging Threats and Challenges"

CLAWS Seminar "Sub Conventional Conflicts : Emerging Threats and Challenges"
The Centre for Land Warfare Studies (CLAWS), New Delhi is conducting an international seminar themed “Sub Conventional Conflicts: Emerging Threats and Challenges”, from 25 to 26 Feb at the Manekshaw Centre in Delhi Cantt. The inaugural session of the event is planned on 25 Feb. 

The theme and timing of the event assume significance in the backdrop of recent events within the country and the growing threat of global terrorism. The Seminar aims to bring stakeholders from cross domains and across nations to deliberate on shared challenges. The objective of the event is to analyse the evolving geo-strategic scenario marked by sub-conventional conflicts involving State and Violent Non State Actors.

Experts, domain specialists, policy makers and senior officials from civil and military fields are scheduled to participate in the deliberations. CLAWS hasinvited several foreign experts and officers from foreign militaries to participate in the event. Various issues related to the origin, spread and evolving nature of global terrorism and extremism will be discussed during four sessions over two days. An analysis of the Indian model of Counter Terrorism Strategy is intended as culmination of the seminar.

The seminar will see some well known experts including Dr Christine Fair and Dr Jacob Zenn who have extensively researched and written on the subject. Policy recommendations as part of the report on proceedings of the seminar are likely to provide options for the policy makers across the regional and global spectrum. 

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