Regular marketing facilities to be provided in large cities for promotion of handlooms and handicrafts

Regular marketing facilities to be provided in large cities for promotion of handlooms and handicrafts

The Government of India has decided to organize regular exhibitions/sale festivals in large cities in different parts of the country, in order to provide regular marketing facilities for promotion of handlooms and handicrafts. 

To begin with, three venues have been identified in the national capital, where exhibitions/sale festivals shall be organized round the year, on the pattern of those in Dilli Haat. Such events shall be held in the recently developed premises of Crafts Museum, the Handloom Complex at Janpath, and the air-conditioned hall inside Pragati Maidan. This shall be followed by similar initiatives in other cities of the country, in due course.

The events organized at Delhi shall be for 10 – 15 days, at intervals of about 5 – 7 days. The events at Crafts Museum would be led by handicrafts sector, while those at the other two venues would be led by handloom sector. However, products belonging to both categories shall be made available at all venues, along with state-specific or regional cuisine and cultural shows.

The calendar of events would be planned in consultation with states and finalized by Development Commissioner (Handlooms) / Development Commissioner (Handicrafts). Funding would be done out of the existing schemes of the Ministry of Textiles, being implemented by DC (Handlooms) and DC (Handicrafts). 

Dissemination of publicity material to tour operators and hotels would be the responsibility of Ministry of Tourism. Ministry of Culture would organize cultural shows during the events, with the assistance of state governments. Accommodation and transportation at reasonable costs for weavers/artisans and performers of cultural shows would be arranged by DC (Handlooms) and DC (Handicrafts). Permanent facilities would be created in Janpath Complex and Crafts Museum for cultural performances.

Similar initiatives as in Delhi would be taken up in other cities of the country. Cities shall be identified by matching locations where tourism projects have been sanctioned by the states, with identified handicraft/handloom clusters. 


During the review of textile sector in June 2014, Hon’ble Prime Minister had advised to make special efforts for linking handlooms and handicrafts with tourism. Accordingly, a framework for convergence of existing schemes with tourism was evolved jointly by Ministry of Textiles and Ministry of Tourism.

With the emphasis on developing block-wise clusters and provision of assistance for production with quality and new designs in bulk, it has become more important to provide wider opportunities to handlooms and handicrafts artisans living in rural areas, to market their products in large cities such as Delhi. Besides promotion of exports by linking up with exporters, it has become necessary to provide scope for marketing in Delhi and other metropolitan areas by evolving a system with long-term arrangements in consultation with state governments.

Experience gained in Dilli Haat and Crafts Festivals such as Surajkund Mela shows that provision of food, folk dances, and cultural events typical to the states/regions of India has helped increase popularity of market venues, thereby enhancing the sale of handloom and handicrafts products.
The above decision has been taken jointly by Ministry of Textiles, Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Culture, in view of this.

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