Prices of Onions and Tomatoes expected to moderate soon

Prices of Onions and Tomatoes expected to moderate soon 
In the light of price pressures on essential commodities as a result of supply-demand mismatch and adverse climatic conditions in the last few days, Government continued to closely monitor the availability and prices of essential commodities. There have been some reports in the media of a sharp increase in the prices of onions and tomatoes in recent days.

Marginally increase in the prices of onions in the past week and in the prices of tomatoes is largely on account of disruption of supplies from the Southern States which have witnessed severe, unprecedented rainfall over the last one week. These increases are expected to be temporary and normal supplies should resume soon.
 The arrivals of the new crops of tomatoes are expected to ease prices. There is a moderate increase in prices during September-December due to demand supply mis-match, the Government is working closely with the State Governments to ensure that quick action is taken to prevent any abnormal increase in prices and to ensure adequate availability of essential commodities.
As regards pulses, it may be recalled that Government has and continues to take strong measures to enhance availability of pulses to moderate prices in the market place. The factual position with regard to the price situation as on 17.11.2015 of these commodities is as follows:-
(Rs per Kg)
Retail Price as on 17.11.15
Retail Price one week ago
Percentage variation
Arhar Dal
Urad Dal

A high-level review of the prices of essential commodities and their availability and measures required to be taken is scheduled to be held on 18.11.2015. Besides, reviewing the de-hoarding operations on pulses and steps taken by State Governments to improve availability of Pulses at reasonable prices, the meeting is expected to also review the progress in the procurement of pulses aimed at building a buffer stock.

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