Revision of Photo Electoral Rolls, 2015


ELECTORAL ROLLS – Summary Revision of Photo Electoral Rolls with reference to 01.01.2015 as the qualifying date – Filling up of vacant posts and ban on transfers and postings of key Government officials connected with Revision of 
Photo Electoral Rolls, 2015 – Orders - Issued 

G.O.RT.No. 3488 Dated: 20th October, 2014

 Read the following:- 
 1)Frm the ECI Lr.No.23/2014-ERS, dt.09.09.2014. 
 2)From the E.C.I. Lr.No.23/AP/2014/985, dt.17.09.2014. 
 3)From the E.C.I. Lr.No.23/AP/2014, dt.17.10.2014. 
O R D E R: 
 The Election Commission of India has approved the schedule for Special Summary Revision of Electoral Rolls with reference to 01.01.2015 as the qualifying date vide their letter third read above. The draft photo electoral rolls shall be published on 13.11.2014 followed by final publication on 15.01.2015. National Voters’ Day shall be celebrated on 25.01.2015. 

2. The prime objective of the revision is to produce upto date and accurate photo electoral rolls with the cooperation and involvement of the electors, political parties, rural and urban local bodies, NGOs etc. This exercise requires a massive effort on the part of the electoral authorities in the State and this cannot be completed without strengthening them with adequate staff. All vacant posts related to revision of rolls i.e., Electoral Registration Officers/Assistant Registration Officers / Booth Level Officers shall, therefore, be filled up 

3. The existing provisions of the Representation of the People Act, 1950 stipulates that any officer or staff employed in connection with the preparation, revision and correction of the Electoral Rolls shall be deemed to be on deputation to the Election Commission for the period during which they are so 
employed and such officer and staff shall, during that period, be subject to the control, superintendence and discipline of the Election Commission. Any transfer of key officials during the period of revision will adversely affect the work and the 
quality of revision process. The entire revision process has to be done in a prefixed time schedule. The gigantic work involves meticulous planning, professional management, close supervision as well as monitoring and discussion 
with stake holders including political parties, RWAs/NGOs etc. It is, therefore, necessary that during the aforesaid period, the transfer of any officer engaged in this exercise should be avoided. 

4. In view of the above, it is necessary that key officials connected with the exercise of preparation of Photo Electoral Rolls like District Election Officers [all Collectors], the Electoral Registration Officers (Sub-Collectors/Revenue 
Divisional Officers/ Municipal Commissioners of certain Municipal Corporations), the Assistant Electoral Registration Officers (all Tahsildars / Municipal Commissioners) and Booth Level Officers should not be disturbed from their 
places of posting without prior concurrence of the Election Commission from 13.11.2014 i.e., date of draft publication to 25.01.2015 i.e., National Voters’ Day. 

5. The District Revenue Officers at district level are playing key role in preparation of electoral roll and supervising the preparation of rolls and conducting meetings with the field level authorities. They also act as Coordinating Officers 
for attending to preparation of photo electoral rolls and issue of EPICs. The National Voters’ Day will be celebrated on 25.01.2015, for which the district administration including Electoral Registration Officers, Assistant Electoral 
Registration Officers, Booth Level Officers have to make necessary arrangements. 

6. Further, in order to strengthen the functioning of the Electoral Registration Authorities, it is necessary to fill up all the vacant posts, if any, of the categories mentioned in paras 4 & 5 above connected with the preparation of photo electoral rolls. 

7. No officer/officials should be associated with the work relating to or connected with, revision of electoral rolls
 (i) against whom the Commission has recommended any disciplinary action and the same is pending, or (ii) to whom 
major penalty has been given as a result of said disciplinary proceeding, or
 (iii)against whom a serious criminal case is pending in any court of law, or
 (iv) who was transferred out during any previous revision of rolls or conduct of elections for inefficiency or willfully violating the ECI directions. 

8. Accordingly, the Government hereby order that all officials connected with the preparation of photo electoral rolls of Assembly Constituencies i.e. all District Election Officers viz., all District Collectors, District Revenue 
Officers, Electoral Registration Officers (all Sub-Collectors/Revenue Divisional Officers/ Commissioners of Guntur Municipal Corporation / Vijayawada Municipal 
Corporation), Assistant Electoral Registration Officers (Tahsildars / Municipal Commissioners), Panchayat Secretaries and other officials appointed as Booth 
Level Officers should not be disturbed from their place of posting without prior concurrence of the Election Commission of India from 13.11.2014 i.e., date of 
draft publication to 25.01.2015 i.e., National Voters’ Day. 

9. In case, it becomes absolutely necessary to make any transfer of the above key election officers connected with the revision of photo electoral rolls or there is any need for shifting of officers due to their promotion etc., the Election 
Commission would consider the same on merits on case to case basis. In case of Booth Level Officers, when it becomes absolutely necessary to make any transfer of the Booth Level Officers during the revision period or there is any need 
for shifting of officers due to their promotion etc., the Chief Electoral Officer would consider the same on merits on case to case basis. Proposal should be sent to Commission through the Chief Electoral Officer giving details and full justification 
for the same. However, all transfers arising out of regular promotions of probationers (AIS as well as SCS) have been kept out of the purview of the ban on transfers during the revision process. In the implementation of these orders, 
wherever any officer needs to be posted in place of an officer who is to be transferred, the Commission / Chief Electoral Officer shall be invariably consulted while posting the substitute officer. 

10. The authorities noted in the address entry (General Administration, Revenue, Municipal Administration and Panchayat Raj Departments) shall fill up all the vacant posts, if any, of the officials who are acting as District Election 
Officers (Collectors), Electoral Registration Officers (Sub-Collectors / Revenue Divisional Officers / Commissioners of Guntur Municipal Corporation / Municipal Corporation, Vijayawada), Assistant Electoral Registration Officers (Tahsildars / Municipal Commissioners) immediately and furnish a certificate that all posts of officers related to the work of roll revision are filled up and that no such post is left 
vacant by 31.10.2014. 

11. The Collectors & District Election Officers shall take further necessary action in the matter on top priority in consultation with the administrative departments concerned and furnish a certificate that all posts of officers related to the work of roll revision are filled up and that no such post is left 
vacant by 31.10.2014. 


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