“HUDHUD” Cyclone – Sanction of Daily Allowance (DA) at 1 1/3 of the normal rates

Revenue (DM) Department – “HUDHUD” Cyclone – October 2014 – Rescue and relief 
operation – Sanction of Daily Allowance (DA) at 1 1/3 of the normal rates – Orders - 

G.O.RT.No. 249 Dated: 20.10.2014 
 Read the following: 
1. G.O Rt. No.3398, General Administration (SC.A) Department, dated: 10.10.2014. 
2. G.O Rt. No.3412, General Administration (SC.A) Department, dated: 12.10.2014. 
3. G.O Rt. No.3428, General Administration (SC.A) Department, dated: 13.10.2014. 
4. G.O Rt. No.3434, General Administration (SC.A) Department, dated: 14.10.2014. 
Government hereby order that all the officers and staff members of Government 
of Andhra Pradesh, who are deployed to work in Cyclone affected districts of 
Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam from the other Districts of Andhra Pradesh, 
are eligible to claim 1 1/3 of normal rate of daily allowance admissible on tour within the 
2. These orders are applicable in respect of pre and post disaster of “HUDHUD” 
Cyclone, October, 2014. 
3. This order issues with the concurrence of Finance (Exp.Rev.) Department vide 
their U.O No. 1440/16/TA/2014, dated: 20.10.2014. 
Commissioner for Disaster Management and 
 Ex-officio Principal Secretary to Government (FAC) 
G.O.RT.No. 3398 Dated:10.10.2014. 
 1. Sri Saurabh Gaur, IAS (2002), Mission Director, HHRM. 
2. Sri B. Srinivas, IFS (2002), Addl. Chief (PMU), Y.A.T & C Department. 
3. Sri Manjule Balaji Digambar, IAS (2009), Deputy Secretary toGovernment, Agriculture & Cooperation Department. 
G.O.RT.No. 3412 Dated:12.10.2014. 
Sl.No. District allotted Name of the Member of Service 
1. Srikakulam 

1. Sri T. Babu Rao Naidu, IAS (2006), Joint Collector, West Godavari District 
2. Sri K.Kanna Babu, IAS (2007), Joint Collector, Kurnool District 
3. Sri K.Y.Naik. IAS (2007), Joint Collector, Prakasam District 
4. Sri K.V.N.Chakradhra Babu, IAS (2011), Municipal  Commissioner, Nellore 
5. Sri Saloman Raj Kumar, Additional Joint Collector, Nellore District 
6. Sri V.V.Subba Reddy, Additional Joint Collector, Chittoor District 
7. Sri M. Ashok Kumar, Additional Joint Collector, Kurnool District 

2. Vizianagaram 

1. Sri M. Rama Rao, IAS (2006), Joint Collector, YSR Kadapa District 
2. Sri Ch. Sridhar, IAS (2007)
3. Sri R.V.Karnan, IAS (2012), Sub-Collector, Madanapalli, Chittoor District. 

3. Visakhapatnam 

1. Sri D. Dhanunjaya Reddy, IAS (2006), CEO, Arogyasri Health care Trust. 
2. Sri J.Murali,IAS (2007), Joint Collector, Krishna  District 
3. Sri S. Satyanarayana, IAS (2007), Joint Collector, Ananthapur 
4. Sri Chevuru Hari Kiran, IAS (2009), Commissioner, Vijayawada Municipal Corporation, Vijayawada. 
5. Sri G. Veerapandian, IAS (2009), Addl. CEO, SERP 
 6. Dr. Narayana Bharath Gupta, IAS (2010), Joint  
Collector, Chittoor District, Chittoor. 
7. Dr. Mallikarjuna. A, IAS (2012), Sub-Collector, Kandukur, Prakasam District. 
8. Sri M. Sudarshan Reddy, Additional Joint Collector, Kadapa District 
9. Sri Khaja Mouinuddin, Additional Joint Collector, Ananthapur District 

2. The following Senior Officers are allocated to the District mentioned 
against them and they are overall in-charge of the District and will coordinate the 
rescue and relief operations: 
1. Sri Busi Sam Bob, IAS (1983) - Vizianagaram District. 
2. Dr. D.Sambasiva Rao, IAS (1986) - Visakhapatnam District. 
3. Sri Adhar Sinha, IAS (1988) - Srikakulam District 
3. Government, further depute the following Officers as Special Officers for 
Cyclone relief work to the Districts mentioned against them: 
1. Dr.K.S.Jawahar Reddy, IAS (1990) - Srikakulam District 
2. Sri M. Dana Kishore, IAS (1996) - Vizianagaram District. 
3. Sri Navin Mittal, IAS, (1996) - Vizianagaram District. 
4. Sri D. Vara Prasad, IAS (1997) - Visakhapatnam District 
5. Sri K.R.B.H.N.Chakravarthy, IAS (2001) - Vizianagaram District 
6. Dr P. Lakshinarasimhamam, IAS (2003) - Srikaukulam District 
7. Sri Akunuri Murali, IAS (2006) - Vizianagaram District 
8. Smt. Dasari Hari Chandana, IAS (2010) - Visakhapatnam District 

G.O.RT.No. 3428 Dated:13.10.2014. 
In continuation of the orders issued in the G.O. read above, Government 
is hereby depute the following All India Service Officers as Special Officers for 
Cyclone relief work, with immediate effect. 
1. Smt. B. Udaya lakshmi, IAS (1993)
2. Smt. V.Usha Rani, IAS (1995)
3. Sri Syed Omar Jaleel, IAS (1998)
4. Sri Mohd. Abdul Azeem, IAS (2004)
5. Smt. P.Usha Kumari, IAS (2004)
6. Sri P. Bhaskara, IAS (2005)
7. Sri D.Muralidhar Reddy, IAS (2007)
8. Smt. A.Surya Kumari, IAS (SCS)
9. Sri K. Lohitasyudu, IFS (2001)
10. Sri C. Saravanan, IFS (2002)
11. Sri P.Subba Raghavaiah, IFS (2003)
12. Smt. Shivani Dogra, IFS (2007)
13. Sri Mohd. Diwan Medan, IFS (P)
14. Smt. R. Yashoda Bai, IFS 
15. Sri S. Srikanthanandha Reddy, IFS 

G.O.RT.No. 3434 Dated: 14.10.2014. 
G.O.Rt.No.3412, General Administration (SC.A) Department,Dated:12.10.2014. 

 In partial modification of the orders issued in the G.O. read above, 
Government has deputed Sri G. Veerapandian, IAS (2009) Additional Chief 
Executive Officer, Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty (SERP) to the 
Srikakulam District as Special Officers for Cyclone relief work, instead of 
Visakhapatnam District as ordered earlier, with effect from 12.10.2014 onwards. 
2. The Member of Service is requested to proceed to the Srikaulam District 
and report to the Collector & District Magistrate, Srikakulam, immediately. 

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