Railways policy regarding Meditation / Yoga / Spiritual programmes

Government of India (Bharat Sarkar)
Ministry of Railways (Rail Mantralaya) 
(Railway Board)

No. 2012/E(Trg)/12/17                                          New Delhi, dt. 13.08.2014
                                                                      RBE NO. 88/2014
The General Managers                             The Directors
All india Railways/Pus                              IRISET / Secunderabad
                                                                   IRICEN / Pune
The Director General                                IRIEEN / Nasik
NAIR / Vadodara                                      IRIMEE/ Jamalpur
RDSO/Lucknow                                        IRITM / Lucknow
                                                                   JRRPF / Lucknow

                       Sub: Policy regarding participation of Indian Railways               
                                Personnel in  Meditation/ Yoga/ Spiritual and other  
                                related programmes.
                      Ref: (1) Board's letter no. 2012/E(Trg)/12/17 dt. 17.07.2012
                               (ii) Board‘s letter no. 2012/E(Trg)/12/17 dt. 26.10.2012
                              (iii) Board's letter no. 2012/E(Trg)/12/17 dt. 20.09.2013

            Railway Board, vide circulars mentioned above, has issued policy regarding participation of Indian Railways personnel in Meditation/ Yoga/ Spiritual and other related programmes. It has now been decided to bring out a comprehensive policy circular regarding the above.

2. Following instructions may be followed:

                i) Special Casual Leave (SCL) upto a maximum of nine (09) days                                      
                    inclusive of four (04) days journey time would be allowed
                    once in a year for one such programme, which would be  
                    granted by the respective Controlling officers to willing  

               ii) Special pass (as per entitlement) would be given once in a
                    year to such Railway employee who has been granted SCL by  
                    the Controlling officer;

              iii) No TA/DA would be payable;

               iv) No programme fee would be payable by Railways; and

                 v) The official willing to participate in such programmes would            
                      be spared subject to the convenience of the Administration.

3. Strict compliance to the above directives may be ensured by all   concerned.

4. This supersedes all previous instructions/circulars on the subject.

S. This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of Railway Board.
(Padma Sharma)
Dy. Director(Training)
Railway Board

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