Guidelines for transfer of Specialist doctors in Medical and Health Department

Health Medical and Family welfare Department – Guidelines for transfer of Specialist doctors in Medical and Health Department – Orders- Issued.

G.O.RT.No. 785 Dated:16-09-2014.
Read the following:
1. G.O.Ms.No.175, Finance (DCM-II) Department Dt.19.08.2014
2. G.O.Ms.No.176, Finance (DCM-II) Department Dt.21.08.2014
3. G.O.Ms.No.186, Finance (DCM-II) Department Dt.05.09.2014
In the G.O’s read above, orders have been issued relaxing ban on transfer of
employees till 10.10.2014. In para 2 (vi) of the said G.O., it is mentioned that separate guidelines will be issued by the Health, Medical & Family Welfare Department in the case of transfer of Specialist doctors.

2 . The services of specialist doctors are considered highly desirable in each
Government hospital to serve the patients. As such, in the matter of transfer of
specialist doctors, utmost care has to be taken to ensure that the health services in any hospital should not suffer due to lack of specialist doctors. The needs of each hospital has to be taken into consideration while effecting the transfers of specialist doctors. Some of the Government medical colleges under the control of DME are suffering from severe shortage of faculty in some specialties in some medical colleges. This shortage is adversely impacting to get permissions for admission for both MBBS and PG seats from Medical Council of India.

3. As far as the APVVP hospitals are concerned particularly in tribal and rural
areas there is acute shortage of specialist doctors which hampers the delivery of
specialty services to the poor patients in remote areas. So there is urgent need to ‘Rationalize’ the services where some doctors are working against mismatch posts without sufficient work. Mismatch arrangement is only fulfilling individual need but gravely denying essential services to many.

4. Keeping this sensivity in view, Government in super session of the earlier
transfer orders hereby issue the guidelines for transfers of Specialist doctors and other staff in Medical and Health Department, as appended to this order as annexure.

5 . The Heads of Departments concerned shall take necessary action accordingly.

G.O.RT.No. 785, HM&FW (B) Dept., Dated: 16.09.2014.]


a) All transfers and postings shall be effected strictly in accordance with the
government orders, guidelines, instructions, rules and regulations in vogue and
the process for transfer shall be transparent duly providing equitable
‘opportunity principle’ to all staff members.
b) Transfers should not exceed 20% of any one cadre and no TTA/Joining time
etc., shall be granted in case of request transfers.
c) For the purpose of defining duty station, especially in case of urban areas, the institutions located within an urban agglomeration with the same HRA shall be counted as a single duty station.
d) For computing 20% of the cadre strength, the following priority shall be
i. Long standing staff
ii. Request applications;
e) For the purpose of defining if a staff member has been 'long-standing' at a duty station, three years of service at the station in all cadres shall be considered. Officers against whom there are written complaints on which charges are framed will be transferred irrespective of the period of service at a place.
f) No person shall be transferred before completion of two (2) years of service in a particular station.
g) The transfers in any way should not violate the six point formula, as notified in G.O.Ms.No.610, G.A.(SPF.A) Dept, dt.30.12.1985, as amended from time to time.
h) The persons who are on foreign deputation and completed their period of
deputation shall be repatriated immediately and considered for posting.
i) The persons who are likely to get promotion with in a period of 3 to 4 months
may not be disturbed.
j) All the HODs are instructed to obtain list of recognized associations from the
GA Dept., and follow the standing instructions on the transfers of Office Bearers of recognized employee’s union as issued in Circular Memo.No.
26133/Ser.Welfare/2002-1 of GA (Services) Department, Dt:19.06.2002. For all these orders of exemption, HOD will be personally responsible if there is any undue benefit endowed on any individual or association.
a. It should be fully ensured that the hospitals which are in need of specialist
doctors should be given first preference.
b. It should be ensured that the transfers shall not result in unequal distribution of specialist doctors.
c. Transfer and posting of specialist doctors shall be strictly to the specialist post to which they belong. Specialists shall not be posted in any post earmarked for a different specialty. Mis-match postings are strictly prohibited.
d. Civil Assistant Surgeons with specialist degrees/diplomas shall not be
considered for posting in PHC vacancies.
e. Deputy Civil Surgeons with specialty degrees/diplomas other than in Public
Health and Epidemiology shall not be considered for SPHO vacancies.
f. Specialists currently working under the control of Director of Public Health
shall be posted in the specialties earmarked for that specialty in CHCs currently under the control of Directorate of Public Health and / or hospitals under the control of APVVP / DME .
g. Transfer of doctors who have put in more than five years in the same station
will not be undertaken automatically, but only consequent on valid request for
transfers by others of same specialty. Further the request can be considered
against clear vacancy and in the absence of the same, by shifting the person
who has put in the longest service beyond five years in the Hospital.
h. In case of AP Medical Education Services, APVVP Services and Health services the following guidelines shall be followed:
i) All the Medical colleges are categorized basing on faculty position and
unfilled posts that are lying vacant for a long time are classified into three
(3) categories. The medical colleges which are having maximum faculty
occupancy as ‘A’ grade, moderate faculty deficiency as ‘B’ grade and severe
faculty deficiency as ‘C’ grade.

Category A - 1. Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam
2. Guntur Medical College, Guntur.
3. Kurnool Medical College, Kurnool

Category B - 1. Rangaraya Medical College, Kakinada.
2. Siddhartha Medical College, Vijayawada.
3. S.V.Medical College, Tirupathi.

Category C - 1. RIMS, Srikakulam.
2. RIMS, Ongole.
3. Govt., Medical College, Ananthapur.
4. ACSR GMC, Nellore.

5. RIMS, Kadapa

All the employees who belong to state cadre posts are to be posted to
category ’C’ medical colleges / hospitals for their postings hereafter either on
recruitment (or) on postings on promotion, as first priority, unless they have worked earlier in one spell in category ’C’ medical colleges /hospitals. After completion of 3 years of their service only they can opt for their posting at category ‘B’ medical colleges / teaching hospitals. Postings to category ‘A’ Teaching hospitals /medical colleges will be considered after finishing of their 3 years service in category ‘B’ medical colleges / hospitals. This rule will be applicable to the posts of Assistant Professor / Associate Professor/ Professor belonging to super specialties wherever posts are existing.
ii) All the specialists currently working in 'mis-match' posts shall be given first
preference and all those currently working as Tutors / CAS/ Assistant
Professors in departments other than their specialty shall be transferred
and posted in their own specialty. There shall be no doctor working in mismatch posts in any medical institution.
iii) Doctors who are working in the mismatch post are to be shifted to needy
and vacant post of the same specialty and cadre in the other institutions.
iv) Concerned Head of the Institution can recommend transfer of employees
who are disobedient, frequently absent for duty and problematic to
administration and doctors those who have absented themselves from MCI
inspections without valid reasons and also who are complacent in
discharging duties to HOD. A confidential note will be prepared in each of
these cases by Head of Institution on the date of such orders only and kept
for perusal of his / her superiors.
v) The HOD is free to transfer any employee on administrative grounds.
vi) Thereafter, specialists with MD/MS/MCH/DM currently working under
APVVP and DPH and in-service candidates who have returned after
completing MD/MS Course and awaiting posting be given an opportunity
for posting as Assistant Professors in teaching hospitals duly considering
their seniority and other priorities defined by the Government, after
obtaining a notarized affidavit that 'she / he would not seek return to their
parent department at any time in their service and that she / he would take
the last rank in the seniority as Assistant Professor.
vii) The in-service candidates who completed post-graduate studies in nonclinical
and para- clinical disciplines but have not passed the final
examination be posted as emergency duty medical officers in the existing
viii) The vacant posts existing under the Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical
Sciences (RIMS) at Kadapa, Ongole, and Srikakulam shall be considered as
part of the vacancy pool of DME for the purpose of transfer and posting of
Assistant / Associate Professors and Professors.
ix) The posts of Emergency Duty Medical Officers (EDMOs) in teaching
hospitals shall be filled with candidates with specialist degree or diploma
and those who have completed pre/para clinical post graduate studies but
not passed the qualifying examination. In case of medical officers with only
MBBS degree, with work experience in a PHC as Civil Assistant Surgeon for
not less than two years in tribal areas, three years in remote and interior
areas, four years in other rural areas and five years in urban areas will be
considered. All other medical officers with MBBS qualification currently
working in teaching colleges and hospitals shall be transferred to PHCs
/CHCs under the Directorate of Public Health.
x) Strengthening of MCH teams at Area Hospitals is as follows:
CAS – OBG-2; CAS (Anaesth)-1; Pead -2
􀂙 MCH Teams at District Hospitals:
CAS – OBG-4; CAS (Anaesth)-2; Pead -3; CSS-1; CAS-1.
􀂙 MCH at CHC level is depending upon delivery load.
􀂙 Long standing staff shall be transferred.
􀂙 Employees who are facing allegations may also be shifted.
􀂙 The specially trained nurses from SVIMS and VIMS may be retained in
the present stations as per the requirement. If there is no requirement
they may be transferred accordingly.
xi) (a) The following Committee shall take up the counseling in respect of
Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and Professors in A.P. Medical
Education Services:
i. Commissioner of Health & Family Welfare .. Chairman
ii. Director of Medical Education .. Member
iii. Addl. Director of Medical Education (Academic) .. Member / Convener
(b) The following Committee shall take up the counseling in respect of
Doctors and Specialists and other Non-Medical administrative posts
under the administrative control of Director of Public Health & Family
Welfare, Commissioner, A.P. Vaidhya Vidhana Parishad where Head of
Department /Government is the competent authority:
i. Commissioner of Health & Family Welfare .. Chairman
ii. Director of Public Health & Family Welfare .. Member
iii) Commissioner, A.P. Vaidhya Vidhana Parishad .. Member
iv) Secretary, APVVP/ Deputy Director (Admn) ..Member/Conveners
O/o. Director of Public Health for the Respective HODs.
(c) Commissioner of Health and Family welfare is permitted to constitute
committees for all other posts of District and Zonal cadre in Health &
Family Welfare Department for each region i.e., for Director of Health,
APVVP and DME side:
xii) All the HODs hereby requested to submit the proposals where the orders
are required from the Govt., side on or before 22.09.2014 to enable to
examine and process the transfer proposals.


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