Transfers of some officers

The services of Dr.A.Nagendra, Special Grade Deputy Collector (native of Warangal District and promoted in 05/2011), who is waiting for posting, are placed at the disposal of I & CAD Department.
The services of Sri J. Sudhakar Rao, Special Grade Deputy Collector, (native of Karimnagar District and promoted in 12/2008), who is waiting for posting, are placed at the disposal of I & CAD Department.
In the circumstances reported by the District Collector, Hyderabad vide reference third read above, Government hereby extend the deputation period for one more year (i.e., 4th  year) to Sri K.V. Suresh Babu, Special Grade Deputy Collector, presently working as Estate Officer, Secunderabad,  as per terms stipulated in G.O.(P).No.10, Finance & Planning (FW.FR.II) Department, dated:22.01.1993.

Sri S.Venkateswarlu, Deputy Collector who is waiting for posting, is posted as Special Deputy Collector, Koneru Ranga Rao Committee, West Godavari District in the existing vacancy.
Sri M.Balaiah, Deputy Collector is posted as Special Deputy Collector,
Koneru Ranga Rao Committee, Mahabubnagar District in the existing vacancy
in relaxation of native district norms, as he is due to retire from service on
31.08.2012 on attaining the age of superannuation.
Sri A.Venkateswarlu, Deputy Collector working as Revenue Divisional
Officer, Kandukur, Prakasam District is hereby transferred. On transfer, he is
directed to report before the Government immediately for further posting.
2. Sri T.Bapi Reddy, Deputy Collector working as Forest Settlement
Officer, Prakasam District is hereby transferred. On transfer, he is posted as
Revenue Divisional Officer, Kandukur, Prakasam District vice Sri A.
Venkateswarlu, Deputy Collector already transferred.
In the circumstances reported by the Commissioner of Commercial Taxes, A.P.,
Hyderabad in the reference read above, Government after careful examination, hereby accord
sanction for an amount of Rs.1,80,000/- (Rupees one lakh eighty thousands only) to Sri
A.S.Ranganath, Sr.Assistant, O/o CTO, Madanapalle Circle, Chittor Division towards treatment
for CAD, Recent Interior wall MI, CABG during the period from 31.04.2011 to 13.02.2011 at
Vijaya Heart Foundation – Vijaya Hospital, Chennai in accordance with rules in force since the
hospital recognized by DME.
Government after careful examination of the proposal of
Commissioner & Inspector General (R&S), have decided to consider the
name of Sri K.Jaya Rami Reddy, Joint Inspector General(R&S) for ad
hoc promotion to the post of Additional Inspector General (R&S) for
being the senior most Joint Inspector-General (R&S) in Registration and
Stamps Department, by invoking rule 10 (a) of A.P. State and Sub
Ordinate Service Rules, 1996, by placing the matter before the
Departmental Promotion Committee, in the supplementary Panel for the
year 2011-2012.
Government have examined the matter in the light of the policy guidelines issued in G.O.Ms.No.166, Revenue (Asn.POT) Department, dated 16-02-2008 and after careful consideration of the recommendations of the State Level Regularization Committee, hereby permit the Collector, Rangareddy District to transfer the rights of un-assigned vacant Government land to an extent of 592 Sq. yards with Plot No.117 in Sy.No.5/3 at Raidurg Panmaktha Village in Serilingampally Mandal, in favour of Smt. Rajinder Kaur, W/o Joginder Singh Gujaral, on payment of value of Rs.6,44,244/- (Rupees Six lakhs Forty Four thousand Two hundred and Forty Four only) as per the matrix method, stipulated in G.O.Ms.No.166, Revenue, dated 16.02.2008, and subsequent amendments thereon, subject to adhering to the following conditions and to ensure the instructions stipulated by the Chief Commissioner of Land Administration in the minutes dated 06-01-2009, 05-08-2009 and instructions issued in Government Memo.No.4540/Asn.V(1)/2010, dated 28.04.2010. The Collector, Rangareddy District shall also to ensure:

(a) That the proof of document furnished by the applicant should be in favour of the applicant and the document should be on or before the stipulated date i.e. 31.12.2003.
(b) The Registered Documents should be verified about its validity and genuineness and verify all original documents.
(c)  The calculation should be verified as per matrix and confirm its correctness before giving notice to the applicant.
(d)  An affidavit should be obtained from the applicant that he/she shall forego his /her right in all the pending cases and with drawl of LG / SLP cases are pending before the Land Grabbing Court and other Courts etc.
(e)  All other conditions prescribed in G.O.Ms.No.166 should be followed.
(f) The proposed lands should not be covered under the lands mentioned in G.O.Ms.No.1230, Revenue (Asn.POT) Department, dated 23.10.2008, i.e., 100 feet abutting road.
(g) To ensure that the applicant is not having any other Government land applied for       regularization under G.O.Ms.No.166, except the land applied for. If land applied for      regularization is more than one application by the individual, it is the responsibility of       the Collector, Rangareddy District to treat all the applications, as one application and       will calculate under provisions of G.O.Ms.No.166, after taking permission from       Government through CCLA.
(h) Collector, Rangareddy District, shall obtain encumbrance certificate from the concerned
     Sub-Registrar Office and to verify original sale deeds.
In the G.O. read above, Government have issued orders according adhoc promotion to Sri D.Ramu Naik, Section Officer, Social Welfare Department, A.P.Secretariat to the category of Deputy Collector included in the panel for the year 2010-11, as per seniority list.
The following appointment / transfer as Deputy Collector and posting is notified.

          Under Rule 10(a) of Andhra Pradesh State and Subordinate Service Rules, 1996, Sri D.Ramu Naik, Section Officer, Social Welfare Department, A.P.Secretariat, Hyderabad is appointed to the cadre of Deputy Collector (Category-II) of Andhra Pradesh Civil Services (Executive Branch) Rules 1992 on a purely adhoc basis in the Revised Scale of pay of Rs. 20680 – 46960/-.

2.       The appointment by promotion / transfer ordered above is subject to the following conditions :-

(i)           the appointment is purely temporary under emergency provisions and does not confer any right of any kind on the individual who is liable to be reverted at any time without prior notice and without assigning any reasons thereof and the excess amount drawn, if any, in this category will be recovered ;

(ii)          the officer shall not be regarded as a Probationer or be entitled by reason only of such appointment to any preferential claim for future appointment to such service, class or category ;

(iii)         the officer appointed under sub-rule (a) shall, whether or not she possesses the qualification prescribed for the service, class or category to which she is appointed, be replaced as soon as possible by the member of the service, who is entitled to the appointment under the rules ;

(iv)         the adhoc promotions accorded are subject to outcome of OA No. 8082/10 and WP No. 29053/10 pending in the Hon’ble APAT and the Hon’ble High Court respectively and any other cases pending before any court of law ;

(v)          the appointment is subject to revision of seniority of the Officer ;

(vi)         the appointment is also subject to joining of the Officer in the promoted post within the stipulated time of 15 (fifteen) days from the date of receipt of the order of appointment and promotion as specified in rule 11(b) of A.P.State & Subordinate Service Rules, 1996, failing which he would forfeit the right of promotion to the cadre of Deputy Collector.

3.       On appointment by transfer as Deputy Collector, the services of Sri D.Ramu Naik, Deputy Collector are placed at the disposal of the Special Chief Secretary and Chief Commissioner of Land Administration, A.P., Hyderabad for being posted as Tahsildar for undergoing training for 2 years.
New Registration
Name of the village
Existing Registration

Registration District)
Sundilla, Musthilla
Jallapuram, Upparla Kesaram
Jallipally, Julapally
Penchikalapet, Lingala
Nagaram, Ranapur
Kannala, Rompikuntla
Perapally, Gundaram
Kamanpur, Rajapur
Lanka Kesaaram, Kalwacherla
Mulkalapally, Nagepally
Pannur, Rathnapur
Medipally, Begumpeta

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