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President of India Presents National Child Awards

President of India Presents National Child Awards 

The President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee presented the National Child Awards today (November 14, 2016) at Rashtrapati Bhavan on the occasion of Children’s Day in presence of Smt. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi, Union Minister for Women and Child Development and other dignitaries.

The National Child Awards include National Child Awards for Exceptional Achievement to give recognition to children with exceptional abilities and outstanding achievement in various fields such as academics, culture, arts, sports, music, etc; National Awards for Child Welfare to institutions and individuals for their outstanding performance in the field of child development and welfare; and Rajiv Gandhi Manav Seva Awards to individuals for their outstanding contribution towards service for children.

National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement, 2016

 Name                            Field of achievement
1 Kumari Revathi Nayaka. M (gold medal)  Sports
2 Master Ansh Sanjay                               Art
3 Kumari Pothunuri Laya                         Innovation
4 Master Abhishek Saharia                      Innovation
5 Kumari Zulieka Juliet Antao                Innovation
6 Kumari Stuti Shital Khandwala            Academics
7 Master Rishan Bhatnagar                      Music
8 Master Nirjar Nainesh Dave                  Innovation
9 Kumari Dhruthi Mundodi                     Innovation
10 Master Nihal.J                                    Sports
11 Master Anujath Sindhu Vinaylal        Art
12 Master Deepak Kumar                       Art
13 Master Milen Manoj Earath              Music
14 Master Nihal Sarin                            Sports
15 Master Rohit. K                                 Innovation
16 Master Ayush Kishore                       Academics
17 Kumari Rajashree Choudhury           Innovation
18 Master Shibajyoti Choudhury           Innovation
19 Master Aditya Mittal                        Sports
20 Master Dev Shah                              Sports
21 Kumari Manodnya Shripad Vaidya    Innovation
22 Master Samyak Jain                           Art
23 Master Partasarathi Jena                 Art
24 Master Subhendu Kumar Sahu       Innovation
25 Kumari Chhavi Kohli                    Sports
26 Master Sovesh Mohapatra             Innovation
27 Kumari C.R.Harshawardhani        Sports
28 Kumari Rakshitta Ravi                 Sports
29 Master SA. Sivasooryaa               Innovation
30 Kumari Vantika Agrawal             Sports
31 Master Aryaman Gupta                Sports

National Award for Child Welfare (Institution), 2015

 Name            State
1 HELP(Society for Help Entire lower and People)        Andhra Pradesh
2 Society for Promotion of Youth & Masses(SPYM)      New Delhi
3 Birsa Munda Archery Academy                                   Jharkhand
4 Cuddles Foundation                                                      Maharashtra
5 Yuwa Jagruti                                                                 Maharashtra

National Award for Child Welfare (Individual),2015

Child Welfare(Individual) State

1 Ms. Sangita Vardhan          Chandigarh
2 Shri K. R. Ravi                  Kerala
3 Dr. Bikas Ray                    Tripura

Rajiv Gandhi Manav Seva Award, 2016

Name State
Mr. Devesh Nath Dikshit Bihar
Ms. Bandana Kumari Jharkhand
Mr. Yesu.S         Kerala

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