Pay fixation for a missing officer

Establishment – Finance Department – Sri P.Koteswaraiah formerly Accounts
Officer – Presumed Dead – Regulation of pay and fixation of pay in PRC 2005
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G.O.RT.No. 2764 Dated:07-11-2015
Read the following:-
1. G.O.Rt.No.3152, Finance (OP.I) Department, dated: 17.08.2007.
2. G.O.Rt.No.1346, Finance (OP.I) Department, dated: 04.04.2015.
3. G.O.Rt.No.2561, Finance (O.P-I) Department, dated 23-09-2015.
4. G.O. (P) No.213, Finance (PC-I) Department, dated 27-08-2005.
5. G.O. (P) No.142, Finance (PC-I) Department, dated 06-06-2006.
6. G.O. (P) No.180, Finance (PC-I) Department, dated 29-06-2006.
7. G.O. (P) No.241, Finance (PC-II) Department, dated 28-09-2005.
8. Option Exercised by Smt. P. G. Lakshmi, w/o P.Koteswariah, AO.
9. G.O.Ms.No.307, Finance (FR.II) Department, dated 3-12-2012.
In the reference 1st read above, orders were issued removing Sri
P.Koteswaraiah, Accounts Officer, Finance Department, from Government
Service as per Clause (ix) of Rule 9 of the Andhra Pradesh Civil Services
(Classification, Control & Appeal) Rules, 1991, for his un-authorized
absence from duty since 17.08.2001 to 25.07.2004 and from 02.05.2005
onwards till the issue of those orders.

2. In the reference 2nd read above, orders were issued presuming Sri P.
Koteswaraiah, Accounts Officer as dead keeping in view of Section 108 of
Indian Evidence Act, 1872 and the report received from the Police
Department that Sri P. Koteswaraiah, Accounts Officer who was reported to
be missing since 26.05.2007. Consequently the orders issued vide reference
first cited were rescinded.

3. In the reference 3rd read above, orders were issued duly regularising
the un authorised absence period of Sri P.Koteswaraiah, formerly Accounts
Officer; who was presumed to be dead;for the period from 17-08-2001 to
25-07-2004 and from 02-05-2005 to 26-05-2007 duly sanctioning
appropriate leave.

4. Sri P. Koteswaraiah was drawing a pay of Rs.9,900/- as on
01.04.1999 in the scale of pay Rs.6950-14425 and drawing the same pay
till 26.05.2007 i.e., the date the Officer’s missing as reported by the Police

5. Government after careful examination of the matter and keeping in
pursuance of the orders issued in the references read above, hereby
regulate the pay of the Officer in the cadre of Accounts Officer w.e.f
1.4.2000 to 26.05.2007 i.e., the date the Officer’s missing as reported by
the Police authorities; by releasing the annual grade increments in
RPS,1999 as detailed below:

Scale of Pay

Pay raised to


Pay as on 01.04.1999---- Rs.9,900/-
Released Annual Grade Increment @350/- w.e.f 01.04.2000
Released Annual Grade Increment @350/- w.e.f 01.04.2001
Released    Annual   Grade Increment     @350/-  w.e.f 01.04.2002/M.B fro25.07.2004
Released Annual Grade Increment @350/- w.e.f 01.04.2003     M.B     from

6. The pay of the Officer was fixed in RPS 2005 and his consequential
Annual grade increments are released as detailed below:

                                                            Fixation pay in RPS,2005

Existing pay in the category of AO in
RPS, 2005 in the scale of pay Rs.10285-
RPS, 1999 in the scale of pay Rs.6950-
Pay as on 01-07-2003   Rs.11,300.00

Pay fixed at Rs.16, 925/- w.e.f.
D.A @ 30.266% as on
01-07-2003                   Rs.   3,420.00
Fitment 16%                 Rs.    1,808.00
01-07-2003/(M.B. w.e.f. 01-04-2005)
Total                            Rs.  16,528.00

7. Due to release of annual grade increment his pay has been raised
from Rs.16, 925/- to Rs.17, 475/- w.e.f. 25-07-2004(date of increment
postponed from 01.04.2004 to 25.07.2004 as he was on EOL on private
affairs w.e.f 01.02.2004 to 24.07.2004).Due to further release of annual
grade increment his pay has been raised from Rs.17,475/- to Rs.18,025/-
w.e.f. 01/25-07-2005 (notional as per the ref. 9th read above).

8. The Officer promoted to the category of A.O. as on 24-01-1997 and he
completed (8) years of service as on 17-07-2005[Postponed due to E.O.L on
private affairs from 01-02-2004 to 24-07-2005 (175) days]. He is hereby
appointed to the post of A.O. (S.G) w.e.f 18-07-2005 and his pay fixed at Rs.
18,575/- w.e.f 18-07-2005 in the scale of pay Rs.10,845-25,600/-.
(Notional as per the ref. 9th read above).

9. Due to release of further annual grade increment in the cadre of
AO(S.G) in the scale of pay Rs.10,845-25,600/-, his pay raised from
Rs.18,575/- to Rs.19,125/- w.e.f 01.07.2006 (notional as per the ref. 9th
read above).

10. The Assistant Secretary to Government, Finance (Claims) Department
are requested to draw the difference of pay and allowances as admissible
from 1-4-2000 to 26-05-2007 and credit the amount into the bank account
of Smt. P.Lakshmi W/o P.Koteswaraiah bearing a/c No.32519943756,
IFSC:SBIN0012720,State Bank of India, Attapur Branch, Hyderabad.

11. Smt.P.Lakshmi w/o P.Koteswaraiah former A.O, Finance Department
is informed that if any excess payment is noticed at a later date due to
erroneous fixation of pay, such excess amount shall be recovered from her
dearness relief on family pension without issue any prior notice and
assigning the reasons.


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