Clarification regarding interview of WCD Minister to Reuters

Clarification regarding interview of WCD Minister to Reuters 
Reuters, had sought a discussion with the Minister for Women and Child Development on the issue of budgetary allocations for the ICDS programme of the Ministry. The Minister had stated that the government has accepted the recommendations of the Finance Commission on increased devolution of funds to the States in the hope that the states will be able to commit necessary additional resources for meeting the objectives of the social sector schemes. In the same understanding, the Group of Chief Ministers has made recommendations on the cost-sharing pattern for various social sector schemes so that the contribution of central and state share to all schemes could be suitably rationalised in view of the increased devolution. 

It was further stated by the Minister that the States are not committing their shares to some components of some schemes which has caused uncertainty. This is particularly true for the component of wages for Anganwadi workers. The Minister finally stated that she was confident that a solution would be soon arrived at as the Finance Ministry is fully aware of the matter.

The interpretation of Reuters in their article today, attributing certain comments to the Women and Child Development Minister, is completely incorrect and is hereby strongly refuted. The media is requested not to take note of the wrong and mischievous interpretation of Reuters. Ministry will be taking suitable action against Reuters. 

WCD Ministry Issues Model Guidelines for Foster Care 
The Union Ministry of Women and Child Development has issued Model Guidelines for Foster care. These guidelines have been developed through a consultative process involving representatives from States/UTs, Non-governmental organizations, civil society, academicians, experts and organizations working on alternative care.

The Model Guidelines on Foster Care detail the procedures, roles and responsibilities of stakeholders, along with various aspects related to the implementation of the foster care program in the districts.

These Guidelines have been strengthened by providing additional formats for preparing case study of the child, application form for the foster carer/parents to apply, tools for counselling before and during the process to the child, the foster carer/parents and the biological parents of that child, if available.

The IEC material for supporting the foster carer/parents on helpful tips, the rewards and challenges of a foster parent, and a summary card on steps on becoming a foster carer are also covered in the model foster care guidelines.

These Guidelines however do not cover Pre-adoption Foster Care as in such cases Guidelines Governing Adoption of Children, 2015 will apply.

These Guidelines may be adopted or adapted as per the requirement of the State/UT. 

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